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Leia Beau


3 years, 11 months
Medium  |  Female

Rockaway, NJ

As you can see from her photos, Leia hasn't had a very good life before she ended up at a shelter. Leia is very sweet & still greets visitors with a wagging tail when they stop by her kennel door. She is about 2 years old & very friendly - she just needs some good loving & good food!
From her foster on 7/7-
Princes Leia has been in New Jersey nearly two weeks and has been a joy and a challenge the entire time. She responds to the L sound and has been nick named LuLu Louie. She keeps her foster brother, twice her size in mass, on his toes and she would do very well with another dog her size or larger. She has met her foster sisters and is too active for the 12 year old Matriarch of the family and has a play drive that should be kept in check around the 15 pound Chi mix.

She has spent two days at work without incident but was walked every hour. During the day she is crated and very slowly getting use to it. She is let out at least three times during the day and enjoys extended play time with her foster brother at lunch time, thanks to extended family and a professional pet sitter. The crate is always a positive experience. It is where she eats, snacks and enjoys marrow bones.

LuLu Louie is very food motivated and has learned sit and paw within one week. Other paw and down will be challenging as she is high energy and young, sometimes the focus isn't there until she is tiered out with previos play. Without another dog to help burn her energy, she may become destructive as a means of play and will definitely need daily exercise. She enjoys 5 cups of food throughout the day as she is under weight. She is enjoying EVO Wet food and Nutro puppy kibble at every meal. She was picked up as a stray and you can see that free spirit in her every action.

She is responsive to correction and cuddles and snuggles with the best of them. She is extremely loving, extremely faithful and will likely be the biggest love of your life. She currently sleeps in bed with her foster brother and it seems like she needs that closeness to her pack. A dog bed in her future is your bed...

Update form Leia's foster on 7/17... She is doing very well and has mad great strides of progress with housebreaking and crate training. Her first shot for heart worm treatment will take place the last week of July where she will spend a night at the vets office for close monitoring. She seems to have put on some weight and enjoys coming to work every Friday. She brings a smile to all the faces she sees. She goes out twice a day now and has not had any indoor accidents in over two weeks. She is still eating puppy kibble (Nutro, Blue or Merrick) mixed with wet puppy food; still slim but folks that see her once a week state she has put on some weight.

Her activity level is down a little bit, she has calmed down a bit or is feeling the ill effects of being heart worm positive but still enjoys playing with other dogs. I am starting to see a little boxer/pit mix in the way she plays and her expressive personality. While her summer has remain low in activity levels until she is better, I suspect this baby will be at 100% come September. She will be the love of your life...

Update 7/23...
Leia (LuLu) is doing very well. She seems to have doing her business outside and has not had an accident in the house or the crate. While she still is not fond of the crate, she is getting use to it and this is a good thing as she gets her first shot for heart worm on 7/27. She will need to remain quiet and still, which for her playfulness, is going to difficult.

She is definitely sneaky and would do best in a home with a fenced in yard or extensive training. She does not sneak out to the front or rear yard, which are both fenced, but anytime the side door of the house opens, she wants to bolt right out. And of course, there is no safety of confinement at the side door. Today being Thursday, everyone in the office is asking if she is coming to work tomorrow... of course she is coming to work tomorrow. She gets along with everyone, and so far, everything.

If you'd like to meet Leia, please fill out an application & be sure to mention her name!

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Rockaway, NJ

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