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Domestic Short Hair

3 years, 3 months
Large  |  Male

Melbourne, FL


We were told Leonard was hit by a car and was taken to the county shelter on May 25, 2016. Animal services found him laying in the road - they thought he was deceased, and they were very surprised to find him alive!!
Leonard was treated with anti-inflammatories and pain meds (morphine). The county vet did not do xrays although we were told he had a broken jaw.
No owners came to get him during his stray time, so the county shelter transferred him to our rescue group on June 3 (a big thank you to our volunteer Nancy Allen who went to the shelter, signed him out -- a long process -- and drove him to us -- we ALWAYS need volunteers to do this for us, many of us foster moms work and it is very difficult to go to the shelter during work hours to get animals -- email us to volunteer for this!).
After letting him settle in for a couple of days, we noticed he had some vision issues. Even though we would set a plate of fresh canned food in the front of him in his cage, he couldn't find it right away (and it was only inches from his face).... we had to point his nose right at the plate.
June 8: Our vet did an exam and found no recent signs of broken jaw. His jaw moves normally and she did a thorough exam of his entire face. She agreed he cannot see normally. She advised no vaccines should be given at this time, his immune system is already taxed enough right now with his healing. He obviously was given vaccines prior to this, because he is eartipped which means he was living outdoors, and was fixed and vaccinated as part of a cat colony.
We are going to give Leonard a bit more time to heal then take him to the eye specialist.
June 23: we have an appointment tomorrow with the eye specialist in Orlando. We also have a fundraiser to help cover this expense:
UPDATE: the eye specialist said he can see however his brain is not processing anything. Probably due to a severe concussion and to just wait it out. We did, and Leonard's able to see the food bowl for sure!
We noticed Leonard's back was very sensitive to the touch - this makes total sense because he got hit by a car, after all.... so we took him to the only local animal chiropractors at Coastal Animal Hospital -- Dr. Lisa Edwards worked on him three different times -- boy, oh boy did his neck pop each time. Leonard LOVED these treatments, he felt so good the final time he just laid on the table like a big mush letting Dr. Edwards work on his entire spine.
Now he is fine with being petted, he is so much happier and his personality has completely changed from "shy - don't touch me"....
to "hi, pet me please!!"
We all had a "watch" on the tip of his tail - it looked odd after we got him and none of the vets were sure what was going on. As it turned out, the tail must have been involved in the trauma somehow (got run over, maybe???) and we had to have about 3" of the end removed. He is fully recovered from this surgery and the fur has all grown in now, and you can't even tell the difference!
Leonard knows his name, & in the bathroom he had as his healing space.... we constantly put kittens with him and he enjoys their antics....he's became their honorary "uncle"!!
Take look at his video with foster kittens!
Leonard is now up-to-date on vaccines and ready to roll. He's got full run of the house, & has been around a gentle Bassett Hound, Leonard just leaves plenty of space between him and the dog...he doesn't run away so chances are he would do fine with a gentle dog.
We have noticed Leonard does not seem to have good eyesight. We think he is nearsighted and that is why he didn't see the car. From what we can tell his eyesight is pretty bad. So he should probably be in a quiet home with older children.
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Melbourne, FL

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