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Leon (JS-TN)

Redbone Coonhound

5 years, 6 months
Medium  |  Male

Rockaway, NJ

Leon is a most GORGEOUS Redbone Coonhound. Like many of the dogs in our rescue kennel, he is a completely different pup when he's away and running free at a park or a volunteer's home.
Leon is a good boy and he rides so nicely in the car. He adores going to local parks for walks and to his volunteer friend's home for yard and house time! He loves other dogs, although he likes to play hard so he is best with larger dogs (though do notice he's enjoying exploring with his smaller pup friend here in the photos).
Leon, with the help of one of our volunteer hound experts, is learning to be more gentlemanly coming in and out of his run and minding his manners well while he does so. His volunteer friend says, "Now that Leon knows his routine, he comes out of his run easily. I tell him to sit when I put him back, I undo the leash loop and give him a treat. He is VERY food motivated. And very SMART!"
Leon is also working on enhancing his leash skills with our hound expert. He has an unbelievable-even-by-hounds-standards, spot-on, AMAZING nose, so a fenced-in yard for him to explore (and to tire him out) would be ideal.
If you are an active person, or in a family with older teenagers, and have a fenced in yard and a willingness to help Leon grow in his good manners, he is the dog for you. We love him. You will too!

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Rockaway, NJ

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