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Lilly Jilly Bean


5 years, 11 months
Small  |  Female

Beloit, WI


Owner surrender with lesions and loss of hair.

Pupdate 2017
Well, for goodness sakes! I'm still in foster care and it will be a whole three years come August! I am really looking forward to being adopted into a family who won't mind giving me my medication I need. It's very simple, I have 1/2 teaspoon of enzymes put in my kibble every mealtime. I have a strict diet, 3/4 cup of grain free food, top it off with water and my enzymes. Foster mom lets the enzymes incubate for 15 minutes then I can eat it. I eat two meals a day, I can't graze or eat treats because of my EPI. The cost of my enzymes is $18.00 a month and my special food is 22.00 per month.
I love other pups, I am fully potty trained and I love to snuggle. I am OK on a leash, sometimes I get so excited I try to pull. I am crate trained and UTD on all my vaccinations and I am microchipped. I would love to go to a family with no other pups or maybe just one. I love attention and want my new home to have time to pay attention to me because I will love you with all my heart and I would hope you will love me too. I do need a fenced yard so I can get the exercise I need to keep my girly body in shape. I love exploring and being outside.
My adoption donation is $250.00

Lilly continues to do well with her medication. She has kept her weight stable for almost a year now and seems quite content. Lilly is now potty trained and will run to the door when she need to relieve herself. Lilly loves all people including young adults. She would love to find her forever home where she will get all the attention she needs. She loves to cuddle and rarely barks and will make a family very proud to call her their baby girl.

Lilly needs a securely fenced yard where she can get plenty of exercise. Lilly gets along with all dogs, small and large, a playmate would be ideal for Lilly.

Update on Lilly!
We are proud to announce that Lilly is on the road to recovery. Although she will be on daily medications for the rest of her life, she will certainly make that ONE certain family a happy-go-lucky pup. Lilly was diagnosed with EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insuffiency), a digestive disorder that can cause devastating starvation. It is a very treatable disease, and successful management can be achieved with the correct balance of treatment (proper enzymes, diet and if needed, B12 and or antibiotics)
So far, Lilly has gained back the weight she had lost and continues on a steady road. She will need enzymes in her daily meals to keep her from starving to death. She is happy-go-lucky girlie100% of the time but will need to continue with her enzymes daily.
Sept. 7, 2014
Lilly came into rescue on September 6, 2014. Lilly is an owner surrender who was given up because the family could no longer financially care for her. On intake, Lilly had abrasions of unknown origin from her right shoulder, down her spine to her left lower side. She was seen by our vet immediately upon arrival to Beloit. She was given a heart worm test (neg) a fecal float(neg), given her needed vaccinations and seen for her abrasions. Lilly is currently on an oral antibiotic, topical antibiotics and antibiotics for ear infections. Once Lilly is healed, she will have her dental and be microchiped.
Lilly is a sweet, loving girl that gets along well with other dogs. She is not leash trained or potty trained but we are currently working with her on these issues. She loves her time outside in our fenced in backyard, running with the wind and flashing her face to the sun. She will make a great pup for any family.
Lilly Jilly Bean requires a grain-free diet to maintain her beautiful coat and keep her healthy.
Lilly has healed completely! She is a lovely little girl that just wants to please you. She gives great kisses and loves to hug close to your neck.
Due to the severity of Lilly's burns, the hair will not be growing back in. Her lovely personality and her warm eyes will capture every beat of your heart.
We are still working on potty training her, she has come a long way since she was brought into our rescue.
Lilly gets along great with all pups, she loves to play chase with the youngsters.
All Lilly Jilly wants is a warm loving home where she will never be tormented and loved for the beautiful little girl she is.

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Beloit, WI

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