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Male #3

German Shorthaired Pointer


Redfield, IA


(Update 2/21/15 we just have 2 excellent males left from this litter of 7= 3 females, 4 males. These puppies are developing ahead of schedule and already pointing. We've been working them with a wing. We've also been exposing them to many people and kids. This will ensure you'll be purchasing a very well rounded puppy. Please email, call, or text I'd love answer any questions you may have. (UPDATE 1/25/15) Within the pedigree these field champions can be found. FC Kojac's K-MAN, FC Dixieland's Rusty, FC BPK Rock News, FC Snake River Lottie, FC/ AFC Ranger Danger, FC/ AFC Mad Cassio's Beck, FC/ AFC Rusty's Blue Earth Rexx, FC/AFC Huchuca Rocky, FC Rawhides Bad News, FC Kao's Dirty Harry, FC Bad News Billy, FC Max Van Dem Moose, FC White Smoking Mad Max, FC Orions Vista Cruiser, FC White Smoking Mad Max, FC White Smoking Blazing Jed, FC/ AFC Rockeys Pru- Review, NFC /FC Ranger Danger, FC Dixieland's Luke... many more CH to list if you'd like to hear the entire please ask and I'll get it to you. Hall of Fame dogs found in this pedigree are FC Dixieland's Rusty, Quail Runs Roxy Roller, FC Jigs White Smoke, FC Brown-L, DC Hillhaven's Hustler. These HOF dogs can be found 10 times. We've been training, hunting, and breading (companions for the home and field) German Shorthairs since 1963. Our kennel name is Hartland Kennels. We've whelped many field champions and trained 5 field champions. We only breed dogs that carry the will to please their human leader while having the natural ability to point, retrieve, and honor another dog on point. Living with and hunting a dog should be a pleasure for everyone involved. If we own a dog that's great for the field but not at home, we do not promote that dogs genetics. Because of this we're always looking for the best all around dogs for our breeding program. Best pet + best hunting dog= best dog Dogs from our kennel have lived all over the US and they have hunted quail, chucker, gray partridge, pheasant, duck, dove, goose, turkey, and ruff grouse. We also have a dog that competes in dock dogs. The pedigree for these pups has over 40 Field Championships. Six Hall of Fame dogs can be found 10 different times. Both Jeb and Lulu are very easy dogs to be around and extremely gentle and natural bird finders. This last hunting season both of these dogs were my guide dogs. They worked perfectly together and I received many good complements. All of these factors led to this breeding.

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