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3 years, 10 months
Medium  |  Male

Alvin, TX

Bulls-Eye Tabby!

Mason was born 9/9/2013. He is an Extremely Handsome Bulls-Eye Tabby and possible Sokote Mix! Mason plays well with his brother Mario and other cats. He is so wanting affection and will actually cry at you to get a petting.
Mason has such large feet that they look as if they belong to another cat because he has not been eating like he should.
We discovered this boy has an autoimmune disease called stomatitis. He had been in so very much pain for so long with his mouth. He recently had all his teeth removed in hopes of clearing the disease but that has not happened.
Recent studies indicate that the auto-immune disease, stomatitis is most likely caused by fleas. Fleas can carry all sorts of nasty diseases and parasites. It is most likely that before Mason came to us he had been bitten by a flea infected with hemobartonella, which in turn triggered the auto-immune disease stomatitis.
We are currently trying try stem cell therapy as there has been a case in California where it cured the cat from this disease. This is an expensive treatment but it is our only chance for saving his life. This disease is otherwise, neither manageable or curable.
Please help Mason get his stem cell therapy by sponsoring him.

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Alvin, TX

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