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Irvine, CA

Max - 1 year, 5 lbs.

*Max will be placed in a home with no other pets or children*
During his initial exam, it was noted that Max may have vision problems and slight coordination problems. This may be due to his open fontanel.
What is an Open Fontanel?...
When puppies (and human babies too) are born, the bony plates of the skull are separated and somewhat soft, allowing them to flex and pass through the birth canal. Generally after birth these plates gradually fuse and become rigid. The last place to fill in and solidify is the spot at the top of the skull where the four skull plates meet. If these plates do not fuse, we are left with a soft, unprotected spot at the top of the head that is called an open fontanel. In some very tiny breeds the fontanel may never close. A fontanel usually closes by 8 weeks but can sometimes close by 6 months.
What if the Fontanel never Closes?
A dog with an open fontanel may have a serious medical problem called hydrocephalus (water on the brain). Too much fluid on and in the brain creates pressure that effects development of the brain. Symptoms of hydrocephalus include seizures, blindness, lack of coordination, walking in circles, an large round dome on the head. There is no treatment for hydrocephalus.
Living with a dog who has an open Fontanel

A puppy with an open fontanel can live out a normal life with certain precautions. They need to be in a home without other pets or small children. Care must be taken to avoid heavy grooming around the head, and any injury to the head. Keep in mind the puppy has no idea and will play rough and hard and perhaps fall from a stair or couch. If this happens unprotected spot could possibly cause serious brain injury.

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