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Max in CO

American Eskimo Dog

11 years, 9 months
Medium  |  Male

Randallstown, MD

I'm Max. I am a neutered male just over 8yrs. old. Don't let the age discourage ya, I'm a very young and vivacious 8. I act like most 2 yr. olds.
I am settling in very well into the foster home. I've been in my foster home for almost a year now, and I am looking for a forever home.
I am very affectionate and really like just laying on the couch beside you. Matter of fact I prefer to follow you from room to room cuz at times I don’t want to be alone without you. Then there are the times when I am perfectly content taking a nap on the bed without you. I also have a very sensitive and needy side that comes out sometimes. I got to go on a walk yesterday on something called a "leash", and I walked very well and practiced good manners. In my past life I was never really taught basic obedience, therefore, I am starting on the basics. Sometimes I hear foster mom on the phone and so I listen to find out if she is talking about me, and most times she is talking about me. She says to people that during the time I have lived with her I have “evolved”. That I have come a long way and changed a lot compared to the dog who walked through her door 11 months ago. I know I’ve learned a lot of obedience and “excelled” in commands and training. I am eager to learn, because it gets me one on one attention. Oh yeah here’s something else, I used to shudder at the thought of going bye bye in the car. I would sit on her lap and shake. Not no more, personally now if you want my opinion, I don’t get to go in the car enough. Apparently it has something to do with summertime heat temperatures. Like “whatever “, just let me know when we can go again!
Something else that I recently got to do for the first time was to ride on something called a quadrunner, you may call it an ATV. I even got my picture taken sitting on it. The pic’s are posted below. That was cool; The air was in my face and it felt good. I hope to do it again soon.
In the past I had never experienced living with other animals. I live with multiple animals, cats and dogs. That was a huge challenge and continues to be a challenge, but guess what. I heard her talking on the phone again and she said that I have made a lot of progress. I continue to struggle with sharing the human’s affections with other dogs. I like to chase the cats that will run. That is a newly discovered game in my life and I enjoy it. When cats don't play the game they are meaningless to me.
A couple of months ago I went for a dental. If my memory serves me correctly, gosh I think that was my first dental ever. I did have 4 extractions, but my mouth feels much better now, and even though I lost some teeth it has no effect on my life. Oh yeah here’s the best part, I have good breath now.
As always in keeping with eskie traditions I am a barker. I am quite the conversationalist, and am very vocal about it. In my defense I have a lot to say, and don't hold back. I like to tell you all about it, and wait for your agreement or rebuttal. Then I like to go over all the points again and reitterate my point. I would do best with a strong human who can show me that I don't get to be the boss. Lots of eskies are like that though. Like many of my eskie klan I would probably do best in a home with no children. I am an indoor dog and don't much care for the outdoors.
All in all I am a happy boy, and a good boy who needs a forever home. Please pick me, you won't be disappointed.
*** Location ***: If you're interested in me and would like more information, please contact
kris You can also visit our website You can also visit our website and sign-up to fill out an adoption application and learn more about our adoption process. Thank you and WOOF! max

Whenever possible Eskie Rescuers United tries to adopt out its dogs locally (or at least to adopters in adjoining states to where I'm being fostered). Please note that ERU processes LOCAL adoption applications before considering those from out of state.
If I'm not local to you, as explained above, and you really have your heart set on me, you will have to make special arrangements so ERU can get me to you safely (for example, flying me to you at your own expense, or paying a transport group to drive me to you). Note: We may ask that you to make a donation to cover transport costs if the distance is great and we have trouble finding transport drivers.
There is an adoption fee required; and, please be aware, Eskie Rescuers United will not adopt out its dogs as outdoor dogs.
Eskie Rescuers United American Eskimo Dog Rescue, Inc. is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Please click the donation button below to make a tax-deductible donation through PayPal and help make a difference to even one American Eskimo dog!

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