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Manchester Terrier

7 years, 1 month
Small  |  Male

Fargo, ND


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Name: Merlin
Breed: Manchester Terrier
Age: 7 Years
Size: Small 20 lbs. ~Small range: up to 25 lbs.
Adoption Donation: $180 - $20 * donation = $160 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid with cash or check.
Other: Neutered Male, vaccinations current, microchip
* Adoption Donation to help Merlin find his forever home from Dorothy! Thank you!

Merlin want to have a magical forever home!

Foster Home Feedback
1/3/17: Merlin is still searching for a home he can call his own. Merlin still gets around like a champ with the help of Dasaquin and Lubri-Syn once a day. This will have to be continued indefinitely. Merlin also needs to avoid a lot of activity like a lot of stairs or high furniture. I have doggy steps that he uses to get up and down off our couch/bed, and he is happy to use those. As long as Merlin has a lap to snuggle on, he's a very happy, content little guy. Merlin's ideal home would be one without a lot of stairs and a very laid back home without a lot of visitors. Even with this colder weather, Merlin still goes outside to do his business but is happy to get back into the warm house and find a spot with my other dogs in front of a vent to warm up. If you're looking for a snuggle buddy to keep you warm on these cold nights, let Merlin work his magic on you!
4/27/16: Merlin is still patiently waiting and is hoping he'll be spending summer with a family he can call his own. While warmer weather usually means a lot more activity, Merlin is still happy to just lounge around the house. Now that we're getting some warmer days, Merlin likes to show off how great he is at multitasking by "supervising" me while I do lawn work AND soaking up the sun at the same time. While Merlin does enjoy a walk, he's happy that I'm not too much of a runner, as he's happy to go at a nice, leisurely pace. His favorite place to be is still curled up next to me, but when I have things to do, he'll crawl into his crate with his blanket and is very content in there. Merlin may take a little more time and patience, but once he feels secure and knows you're all right, he'll give you his heart and be your buddy for life.
12/16/15: Merlin has his paws crossed that he'll get a wonderful forever home for Christmas. Merlin has done excellent with his potty training and will now tell us, sometimes quite adamantly, when he needs to go out (even with this colder weather). However, I would recommend an adopter crate or keep a close eye on Merlin when bringing him into their home. I still do slow introductions to people with Merlin but have noticed that Merlin seems to do better with women than he does with men. While he is able to be around men, it does take time for him to learn that he can trust them and so I now let men know not to overwhelm Merlin, give him some time and patience, and to let him come to them. I am a huge supporter of positive reinforcement, and this would definitely need to be the case with Merlin.
Merlin is still getting around like a champ, but he is on a daily joint supplement and anti-inflammatory. We just stick them in with his breakfast, and he chows them down.
Merlin is definitely my snuggle buddy and takes his job of keeping my legs and feet warm very seriously.
If you have the patience to let Merlin come out of his shell, you will see an extremely loyal and delightful little guy.
8/27/15: Merlin is a wonderful, happy little fellow who has fit right into our home. He is doing very well with his potty training and will remind us that he needs to go out. He's a talkative little guy, so I would recommend no apartments for Merlin. He does very well with our dogs - big and small. We only have two who are interested in playing with him, and he's always up for a good game of chase. Merlin does have subluxating patellas (common in small dogs), so we are careful to make sure he doesn't get too crazy in his play. When our own dogs play, he either wants to join in the play or tell them to settle down. Merlin would do well in a calmer home as he likes to run a tight ship. While he does enjoy meeting new people, he also wants to make sure they understand no shenanigans. Merlin loves to crawl up into my lap and rest his head on my shoulder. At night, he crawls under the covers and keeps my legs warm. Merlin does well in a crate but definitely enjoys being around his people.

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Fargo, ND

(701) 205-0190

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