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9 years, 4 months

Colton, CA


Hi, I'm am Mia a very affectionate Terri-Chi that has a playful disposition. i get along with my foster brothers and foster family have too many of their own to adopt me, won't you?

Hi, I'm Mia I had a hard early life and now I just want a forever home that I can be devoted to. I like to go outside and play and come in and rest and play with toys that are specially for me. I get along with other dogs as long as I have a strong pack leader that introduces them to me.
My History:
I was rescued with 4 of my 2 day old puppies from the shelter, I also took in 2 orphaned Chihuahua pups that were the same age. I'm Mia mama to 6 pups that have been adopted. I wanted all my puppies to get great homes and they all it's my turn. I am crate trained and am happy as long as I have lots of toys and chewies. I get along with other dogs and play with all the dogs there. If you want a dog that is fun outside - very active - but ok to kennel (in a big one) I would be a good fit for you...just remember I need lots of toys and stuff to keep me busy! I also need lots of outside time to run off energy. if it looks like we would make a good fit... go to our main website: and fill out an app;ication for me! You can then email to expedite it! Call to make sure they got it too 951-742-8689 - see you soon!

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Colton, CA

(951) 742-8689

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