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Small  |  Male

Santa Cruz, Ca

Mickey is 10 years old.

Oh hey there! I'm Mickey, and I'm a pretty funny old feller. My favorite activities are sleeping, napping, and resting, and I would prefer a lazy afternoon over a game of fetch or a walk. My old bones just ain't what they used to be, so I'm not real fast on my feet. I can get a little choosy, too, about the way I'm touched, and would rather not be picked up. If I get surprised, I may react with a nip, so it would be hunky dory if someone came through the door who is looking for an old buddy to make them laugh from afar, but who isn't too keen on snuggling. If you've got a spare doggy bed that needs a champion snoozer to hold it down, then come on in and make my humble acquaintance. I can't wait to meetcha!

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