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Midnight (FC=ml)

Domestic Short Hair

Medium  |  Male

Lovingston, VA

Please contact Melanie (, (434) 293-3488, (434) 806-3595 for more information about this pet.

Humane Society/SPCA of Nelson County ALMOST HOME 29 Stagebridge Road, Lovingston, VA 22949 434 263-7722
Email: IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ All animals are located at Almost Home at the above address with the following exceptions... (PSP) indicates they are located at Pets Supplies Plus, Charlottesville, VA; (FC=initials) indicates animal is living in Foster Care not at our shelter; Courtesy Postings - see bio for contact information as animals do not belong to Almost Home.


UPDATED: JUNE 22, 2017
After almost a year now and I have been itch and sore free. After numerous visits to the vets where they gave me steroids and antibiotics to help heal and stop me from scratching my face and neck and sometimes paws to the point of bleeding, they gave up not knowing what it was. But my foster mom didn’t. She noticed one day after cleaning my ears with some coconut oil, that I broke out in hives. Deducing that this was an allergic reaction, she found out that my special food from the vet that was a novel protein contained coconut oil. So we switched foods, and I was monitored very closely. I now eat only wet foods that contain Rabbit, all the dry food with novel proteins had coconut oil. She also installed baby locks on all the cabinets since I am very clever at getting into cupboards containing my other cat friend foods that I can’t eat. So far I have not had to where my helmet, no steroids and soon I will be able to test a new novel protein to see if I can eat more than just Rabbit. I miss my helmet though, cause it gave me a tool to help open the cabinet doors with more easily. I also get one allergy pill (Zyrtec) in the evening just in case, but I love my food so I don’t even notice it hiding it in. Life is much better.
UPDATED: MAR 20, 2014
Midnight is a black and white kitty about 3 years old now. He is a very friendly little guy. He does great with dogs and other cats. He was diagnosed last year with possible food or environmental allergies and acute or chronic bronchitis. He is on a very special diet in hopes that it will keep him from getting the nasty sores all over his head, neck and ears that he got a few months ago. Time will tell whether these sores are definitely food allergy or environmental, but he takes the wearing of his special helmet that keeps him from scratching his sores and eats his pills all in stride when he has an outbreak. In fact he has discovered that his helmet protects him from the other kitties when they try to take a swipe at him. Gives him a bit of an edge I’d say in Kitty play.
MAR 13, 2012:
It was a the middle of the night and I was shoved in a container with two other buddies of mine. I had no idea why or where I was going. All I had was questions? What happened to my warm home, what happened to the cuddles and scratches? WHAT HAPPENED? I don’t remember my original name anymore, but now I’m now known as Midnight since this is when I was left on the doorstep of Almost Home shelter. Dazed and confused I have bounced from the Shelter to Pet Supplies Plus in Charlottesville to a Foster home after I got sick from all the changes . My new Foster mom likes to call me “Shotgun”, since I’m smaller than the average cat for being 6 months old. Sort of like a cut off shotgun or cut off cat as she jokes. What I lack in size though, I make up for in LOVE! I’ll roll on the ground and curl up happily in your arms and polish your toes with my cheeks. My bestfriend is named Seymour who I helped nurse back to health. I groom him and cuddle with him to keep him warm. We play well together and love to sleep in the same bed. It would be grand to find a home together. I’m fond of my litter box and am a little nervous around energetic pushy dogs. Given a slow introduction and a well mannered pooch, I am fine since my foster mom has two and I’m doing well with them, but I prefer cats as my playmates.
JAN 30, 2012:
Midnight is about 4 months old - black with white boots and blaze on my face - I'm quite handsome! I was a stray so I'm still a little bit shy - I just need a loving home to help me come out of my shyness. And since kittens are buy one get one half price - you can adopt a really outgoing kitty to be my best friend and help me with my shyness!
I was originally left in a carrier on the front porch to Almost Home along with a few other cats of various ages. All of them have been adopted except Midnight and Dawn.

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Lovingston, VA

(434) 263-7722

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