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Miss Moneypenny



Jefferson, TX

Miss Moneypenny is a real sweetheart! She is an adult American tabby. She has lots of personality and will roll and purr for a tummy rub. She is bright-eyed and full of life. She’s the cat that will perch on a shelf and look down on her subjects waiting to pounce when she wants to play or get some attention. Shake a feather toy for her and she will be your best friend forever!

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Jefferson, TX

(903) 601-2714

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1 year ago

Hey I really want Hunter and I sent an email and haven't received a reply. I want to adopt Hunter but, I don't know what he cost. Can ya'll please list the prices with the animal for example: Male I Medium I and then price. Please reply to my email or re-comment on this Thank!


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