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Jack Russell Terrier


Niantic, CT


Moe is a shorthaired Jack Russell Terrier. He received a clean bill of health from the Vet on March 20th and received his 6-week vaccination and deworming. He is very calm and mellow personality. He has a calmer demeanor compared to most Jack Russell?s and takes after his father. The father is from South Africa and is a registered Jack Russell with the South African JR Association. I have his papers showing his pedigree but he is not certified with the American Pedigree Registration. The mother is a purebred Jack Russell but she is not registered. In South Africa Jack Russell are bred to be smaller built than the American Jack Parsons breed. He also has a shorthaired smooth coat and has a calm personality as opposed to the typical hyper Jack Russell that is associated with the breed's behavior. The mother is on the smaller side as well. She has a shorthaired coat but the hair is course where the father has a smooth coat. The puppies all have shorthaired but some are smooth, course or a combo. This is our second litter and most of them have smooth or the combo hair texture. Young children in the neighborhood and friend?s from my daughter?s school have handled all puppies extensively and rather ?playfully?. They are accustomed to interacting with children and the interesting games children have with young puppies. This is the 6th litter from my male and female, born on February 5th 2015. The puppy has received it?s 6 week vaccination on March 20th. The price for a puppy is $550 and is not negotiable. I can provide a copy of the father?s South African Pedigree Certificate, if requested, along with proof of Vet exam and Vaccination Log. Pictures of the parents and previous litters are available by request. I will gladly send more pictures of the puppy.

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