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2 years, 10 months
Large  |  Male

Burnsville, MN


Hey everyone, Moose here!! I am so excited to out of the shelter! I used to live outside and but am learning quickly that living inside is much more fun. I am also learning that I still need to potty outside but my foster mom says I am doing very well at figuring it out. I also get a little nervous when she leaves but she assures me that she will be back and she always is!
UPDATE: Moose has been a part of our home since February 2016. He will require a home that can set clear boundaries and work on training at least 20-30 minutes per day. He prefers to be engaged in thinking activities and likes to be the center of attention. All members of the family need to be confident in the ability to hold him to his rules. He is crate trained and loves to go “kennel”. He also has basic commands down pretty well.
Grooming activities are easy with Moose. He likes to get a bath and have his nails trimmed.
THE LATEST: Moose is a very loving boy that wants to snuggle and be a part of a new family. He doesn’t need constant attention, in fact there are times he likes his “me” time to contemplate his world. He loves to please and is very food motivated to learn. Moose is not the typical boxer in that he LOVES everyone upon meeting them. He likes to take his time with introductions and seeing if you are a “safe” person. Once he sees people as trustworthy, he is a very normal boxer in that he will play and wiggle for you.
He is a very smart boy. He is crate trained, knows basic commands, and is handled best by redirecting negative behavior in a positive way. For example, when barking out the window at a person walking their dog he responds better to “Thank you Moose for letting me know. Good boy. Leave it now.” rather than “No, that’s naughty.” He will walk away from the window feeling like he did his job to let me know of possible “danger”. He wants to be seen as a good dog, but he will test some boundaries as all dogs will. The key is to always redirect with something positive.

High energy places tend to make him nervous, so he becomes tense and not his usual self. Due to that personality trait, he is not a good candidate for meet and greets. He would love to meet new families in a calm location with slow and short introductions.

What Moose Needs
Home devoted to taking him to training as soon as possible. It will allow you to bond and communicate with the help of a trainer. He wants to please and learn, so it should be a positive experience for all involved.
Home with older children. Moose is still young, and he can be grumpy about things. A home with teenage children where the energy level is calmer would be a best fit.
Home with another dog as long as it is submissive. He does well with other dogs, but he tends to be a dominant personality, so a slow introduction with a submissive personality would work best. It would also be good if the other dog was only slightly older than him, so that they could wrestle and play. If he is an only dog, that will be fine as long as if there are new dogs coming into the home, they are more on the submissive side.
Home with cat(s) would be OK. He gets along with our cat, but there are times that he will give a good chase for fun. He has never hurt that cat and has assured me that the cat “started it”.
Home with a focus on positive reinforcement. Moose is a strong willed dog. He is still very young (2 years old) and is willing to learn new routines, but he will need positive redirection to learn a new household’s expectations.
Home that can continue his medication of Proin. While he is on the medication, he has no accidents in the house. If he misses a dose, then there will be accidents. The medication helps to control a bladder issue. The medication is easy to give him; just put it in with his food and it is eaten.

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Burnsville, MN

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