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Morris - shy boy


4 years, 10 months
Medium  |  Male

Trexlertown, PA

Hi! My name is Morris and I'm asking for your help. I have some good buddies who need help too.
I'm about a year old and was rescued last summer as a young kitten from the place where I was born. The picture you see of me here was taken when I was younger. I look the same now - just a little bigger! I lived outdoors with far too many other cats. Food was put out for us there but we received no other care. I had a serious upper respiratory infection and ended up losing one of my eyes as a result. Fortunately, some very kind ladies rescued me and some of my friends, and got as many of the cats spayed and neutered as they could trap. I was taken into foster care, treated for my infection and neutered. I was then lucky enough to be adopted with 2 of my buddies by a caring man who wanted to help us. We have lived in his house since then and sometimes go outside through a cat door. Unfotunately though, our new owner has serious problems of his own and can not properly care for us, so now we all need to find new homes. We hope we find really good homes where we can stay for the rest of our lives.
My buddies, Patches and Stealth, and I are all pretty shy, though we did get to become pretty comfortable with the man who adopted us because things are nice and quiet. We have a friend who is a little bit older named Tim who lives with us too and he is also looking for a new home. Speaking for myself, I'd even be happy to live in your barn if you promise to take care of me and look out for me. I'll be happy to keep your place free of pesty rodents in return! You don't have to adopt all of my buddies but if 2 of us could come together to live with you, that would be wonderful. Please give it some thought. Life started out pretty rough for me and I'm hoping things are going to get better. Will you please help me?

Adopting from The Cat Shack The Cat Shack rescue is all volunteer and the adopted cats are delivered to your home. Because we deliver the cats to you, we must restrict the adoptions of our highly adoptable cats to a 1 hour drive from the Allentown PA area. In certain situations, 'special-needs' cats, ferals and older cats will be adopted to homes at a greater distance then a 1 hour drive from Allentown PA.
The first step in adoption is to...
Fill out an on-line application: House Cat Application | Barn Cat Application
Young KITTENS are always adopted in Pairs or to homes with other felines already in the home. Click here to read why kittens are happier with a buddy!
All cats are vaccinated, dewormed, tested and altered as part of the adoption contract. This basic care (and other vet work required to make our rescues healthy) is included in the $85 adoption donation!

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Trexlertown, PA

(610) 967-9097

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