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Moses (deaf)

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Large  |  Male

Sunset, LA

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URGENT: Acadiana Humane Society adopted out a fully vetted deaf Catahoula puppy last year, that they now want to rehome. We have no room and we are not equipped to handle a 60 pound deaf dog. Moses needs a new foster home, adoptive home, or animal rescue ASAP!
Moses was originally rescued from being drowned by his breeder because he is deaf. We had him neutered, and fully vetted. Moses knows sign language. However he is very energetic and needs proper training to focus that energy. Because Moses does not know how to focus his energy, he has developed some nervous habits. He is current on all vaccinations. Is heartworm negative and on ProHart injection. He does eat socks, so has had two surgeries to remove them already. While he is good with kids, he needs someone without kids that will leave socks or other things out that would tempt a bored dog to eat. He would do best in a home with female dogs, rather then male dogs. However, he is fine with male dogs that he meets outside the home.
He made a year old on January 28 of this year.
He doesn't seem to mind cats, however; he is very territorial when it comes to his toys and his food. It’s caused a few fights in his adoptive home, which is one reason he needs a new home or rescue. He gets along with their female dog, but not their male dog. He is fine with male dogs that he meets outside of his home.
He loves ALL people and all animals. He is very playful with kids and other pups; he just doesn’t like sharing his territory with males.
He is horrible on a leash. He would need someone to train him to walk on a leash.
He has never tried to jump their fence, but their fence is also 6 feet high. He is a digger. He has never dug to try to get out of the fence. We think it is more of a nervous behavior, or boredom. Perhaps is someone could work with Moses and train him, he would put that energy into something more productive.
He LOVES mud puddles. We're not sure how he is around water. He has never been taken him to a lake or anything due to the fact that he is deaf and they only leash him when not in a fenced in area.
His family hates the thought of giving him up, but his behavior with their older male dog is getting out of hand, and it would be best if he leaves ASAP. Also his nervous behaviors are becoming overwhelming to his family, and they are currently trying to have a baby. He barks a lot for no apparent reason (perhaps boredom or wanting attention?). He will just run in circles barking around the house. His family has tried thunder shirts, rescue remedy, a DAP collar, lots of exercise to wear him out, everything short of drugging him. He needs an understanding and patient home or rescue that can work with him and train him so his energy can be directed into a job that Moses would enjoy.
He is a very sweet and gentle boy and has the sweetest disposition. His owners think he would make a great pet for a home with a large, fenced in yard, and an energetic female dog to tire him out.
Are there any deaf experienced rescue group that can take him please? We have emailed the ones we are aware of. If you know of any, please send us their contact info., or share this listing with them. We do have his vet records already, and he is current on everything! Thank you!
If interested in adopting one of our dogs, please fill out our prescreening application. You can find out more about our adoption process and download our application from our website:


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Sunset, LA

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