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Small  |  Female

Tucson, AZ

Cuddle Bug companion Girl
No children home, Wonderful companion dog: Quiet home strongly suggested.
Please meet Naysa. She is a spayed Chihuahua and estimated to be about 6 years old. Naysa was originally a PACC foster who was found by animal control abandoned in a back yard; she was extremely thin and had numerous health issues. She has been with TCWN since November 2015. Naysa has come a long way in the last year; she was a sick, fearful dog and is now a much healthier and confident girl.

Although she has made much progress, she is still reserved around strangers outside of the home, but once her trust is gained is a loving companion who wants a lap or blanket to hang out on. Sometimes she gets very excited at feeding time and will spin and run in little circles; it’s very cute! She also greets me at the door when I come home with barking and “kangaroo” bouncing! Naysa will growl or snap if she does not want to be bothered, but has never bitten anyone. She must be muzzled at the vet, as she is extremely fearful in the examination room. She is completely housebroken and knows her name, sit, and potty. Naysa can be trusted in the home since she does not bother household items.

We currently have 7 other dogs (large and small, young and old) and she behaves appropriately with everyone. Naysa’s behavior with cats is unknown since there are none in our home.

Naysa does bark a lot at predictable times and can be difficult to settle down. She will “guard” (by barking) the block wall of our neighbor waiting for the Great Dane to look over the wall and gets very excited when the Great Dane does look over. She also barks when the patio door is opened and the when the doorbell rings.

Naysa is up to date on vaccines, microchipped, is currently taking Fluconazole and Prednisone for Valley Fever and will need another titer soon. She would do well in a home that is experienced with Chihuahuas and will make the right person a loving companion.

*Applications to adopt: Home Visit / ID and Residence Verification is required. Compliance does not imply or guarantee adoption. Approval is the sole discretion of CWN representative(s).

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Tucson, AZ

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