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Scottish Fold

X-Large  |  Male

Drexel, MO


Monty (left) and Nimbus (right) are bestest buddies.
They were both strays/dumps that showed up at WarmFuzzy's.
They were trapped, vetted, healed up and haired over and now these two are inseparable. They play together, lay together and will stay together. If you adopt one, you have to adopt them both.
03-03-2016 - Montague tested negative for FIV/FeLV, has been neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed & flea treated. Being treated for ear mites & possible ear infection. He is fairly tame but very skittish. He will require ear drops every other week. Please contact us if you'd like to give Montague his forever home.
Vet bill on Montague is $370. Tax deductible donations gratefully accepted. Via Paypal use Thank You.
Nimbus- vet diagnosis - FeLV & FIV Negative, we had Nimbus neutered & vaccinated. Had two broken upper canine teeth, broken at the gum line, removed what was left, infected. Received convenia antibiotic injection. Ears - torn, ragged, healed, no mites, cleaned ears. Cat appears to have been attacked at some point, likely by a dog. Per the vet his ears are in pretty good condition all things considered. No infection, no mites, no hematoma's. Nimbus is a Scottish Fold.
Nimbus does well with other cats, no aggression shown & does not like small dogs. He will require drops in his ears every other week & he does have allergies so a visit to the vet periodically will be needed when he is having difficulty breathing. Nimbus also has the Feline Herpes Virus.
Adoption fee : $70.00
Please visit our website to fill out an adoption policy & view our adoption guidelines. Please read through our policies as they are strictly enforced. Thank you.

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Drexel, MO

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