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2 years, 5 months
Medium  |  Male

Hallandale, FL

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Birthdate: April 2015. Noah needs your help.
Noah is a beautiful brown tabby cat about one year old. He loves to be petted and butts your hand with his head in an effort to keep you petting him. He is talkative and will greet you as soon as he sees you or hears his name.
Noah wandered into my feral colony a few weeks ago hobbling along on three legs. His left front paw was held high up in the air obviously in pain. I didn’t have anything with me to catch him so I gave him plenty of food and left. That night his image haunted me and I couldn’t sleep. I worried that he’d get hit by a car, wouldn’t be able to find food, escape from predators or die from infection. The next night I returned with my trap but Noah was nowhere to be found. Night after night this continued until finally after about a week he appeared. I was relieved to see him. Again, he hobbled over on three legs and I fed him. He was starving. He seemed friendly (I had assumed he was feral) and was letting me pet him. I scruffed him and put him in a cage. The next day, I took him to the vet to get his wound looked at and get him neutered. The vet said, it was a bad abscess and his toe was broken. He recommended that he stay inside for a day or two. Although, I didn’t have any room for him I could certainly keep him in the garage for a couple of days. That was over a month ago. Noah’s wound was slow to heal and required a second round of antibiotics and daily foot soaking for a week! Noah was a trooper through all of this. He was so cooperative throughout his treatment including the multiple car rides to the vet to monitor his progress. All the staff said, he was such a sweet kitty.

Since I was originally just going to trap and release Noah after getting him neutered. I didn’t have him tested for Aids/Leukemia. However, after realizing what a sweet cat he was I decided to get him tested so I could try to find him a loving home. Sadly, the test came back positive for FeLV (Leukemia). Hoping it was a false positive I decided to have a second specialized test done to confirm the presence of the virus. That too came back positive. I was devastated. Now, what could I do? I couldn’t put him back outside and put other cats at risk for contracting the virus and I didn’t have the room to keep him separate from my cats.
I am hoping to find someone willing to provide Noah with a loving home. He is very sweet and loves to be petted. He is mild-mannered and deserves to live out his life with love and dignity. He has been neutered, vaccinated for rabies, and had his ear notched. He is healthy and has no symptoms of the disease. I need to find him a permanent home soon as he’s been in a cage in my garage for over a month. Even though I leave the doors open and have a fan it’s getting too hot for him. The South Florida hot summer weather is here! Besides, the heat being confined to a cage is not a good life for him. He needs a place where he can stretch his legs, look out the window, play and live life as all cats deserve. It breaks my heart seeing him stuck in a cage without the opportunity to live his life happy and free. He needs and deserves a home.
If you’re interested in providing Noah with his forever home you can contact me at 305 206 5506 or via email at
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