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Noah II

Cattle Dog

Medium  |  Male

Apple Valley, CA

Noah II is a big white dog, about 6 years old and 50#. He is one of our special cases and would welcome a foster home to get acquainted in - with no long term commitment required.
He seems to have had a hard life. He was adopted but then turned up in the Camarillo shelter with no tags or license and an unregistered microchip - he had been hit by a car on Hwy 101. The shelter took excellent care of him and B&B retrieved him. Luckily, our vets were able to save his leg. He's recovered very nicely- he has a limp when he's been walking on it for a while, but it's not an issue.
The folks who adopted him did not want him back. We don't know all that happened to him after he was adopted, but it must not have been good. When he was adopted, he was a normal dog, but had become withdrawn and afraid by the time he arrived at B&B. He has been here since 2014 and has progressed a lot- he used to sit in a corner most of the time, but now he enjoys going out into the main exercise yard with the other dogs. He's even been learning some commands. There are some volunteers he likes and he lets them pet him and take him on walks. He can still be afraid of other people and may bite out of fear if they get too close. Anyone taking him in would have to have a lot of patience and experience.
He would do best in an adult home with a medium sized companion who does not mind being "herded" since that's his nature. His BFF at B&B is Big Dorito - and we would make them a "twofer". Dorito knows lots of commands and tricks. A real gem! Dorito has really helped Noah come out of his shell- Noah's behavior improved miraculously after he was housed with Dorito in their own little yard. Dorito has been teaching him proper dog behavior. It's a very ironic story of friendship, since Dorito usually doesn't like other dogs!
The pics of him with a cone are from when he first arrived here. The others are from later.

​ Are you my furrever family?
For further info on the adoption process, please visit our home page and check out the "Adopt a Dog" section where very thorough instructions await. All our dogs are spayed/neutered, micorchipped, and fully vaccinated before adoption; they have been wormed, bathed, socialized, walked daily and much loved; each adoptee leaves with a leash, collar, and all medical records.
The beauty of coming to our Apple Valley sanctuary is that you can see all 90+ dogs! No more weekend mobiles—only special events. Maybe if there are enuff appointments, we could see you in El Monte or Orange County or nearby. Email your application and ask for more details!
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Friday: 10 am to 3 pm Saturday: 10 am to 3 pm Sunday: 10 am to 3 pm Monday: CLOSED Tuesday: CLOSED Wednesday: CLOSED Thursday: CLOSED ​ Weekday appointments may be available. We are a small staff and do our best to accommodate your needs.
Contacting Us
If you have a question about adopting, giving up a dog, boarding, or volunteering, pls visit the appropriate tabs on our home page.
For more specific questions, pls call 626-444-9664 (pls leave a voicemail if no answer). Emailing is always welcomed & preferred! Thanks!
Please note: If you are viewing this profile anywhere other than Beagles & Buddies own website, you are not receiving full info. Pls visit info on pet here.

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Apple Valley, CA

(626) 444-9664

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