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4 years, 10 months
Small  |  Male

Greenwood, La


Nugget: (Nugget is a special case looking for a special home)
Male Longhaired chihuahua dachshund mix. Little over 10lbs now. Were trying to cut back the biscuits because he has a waddle haha. Around 4 years old. potty trained -though every animal has to learn the new homes schedule. loves to sleep in bed not kenneled when people not home as he is trusted having roam of home. Small dog friendly, is a more dominant male.Enjoys playing with other dogs but would be fine on his own too. Cats - use to chase, now he plays with them! He has learned so much with his time under our rescue. Spunky and outgoing yet so sweet when he comes to cuddle or get attention. Requires a home with older/respectable children if any. Requires fenced yard. Intake Date : May 17th, 2016. From Caddo Parish Animal Services. It has been over a year and Nugget has not had any interest :( We hope his potential new family will see this one day and help us take a boy that deserves so much in life and give him the best.
Vetting: Vet exam. Had neutered. Microchipped under rescue (info below). Up to date on shots. Dewormed and treated for tapeworm. Treated for kennel cough. Heartworm tested and was positive(with no symptoms, please read on down below for information on this) we do slow treatment so he has completed his one month of meds and now just needs to continue regular heartworm prevention like every other dog. Currently on proheart for heartworm prevention (shot that lasts 6 months) and Bravecto for flea/tick prevention (lasts 3 months).
History: We were at our local open intake shelter looking for a dog to save. We saw this little boy cuddled up by another dog on a bed. They told me he was heartworm positive and his euthanasia time was coming up before much longer. ( This means he was going to euthanized all because he had heartworms. Heartworms are preventable and treatable. Sadly there are so many in our area that many have to be euthanized for space. ) Nugget was caught in a trap somewhere before being brought in to animal control. He must have had a rough past.
Name: We named him Nugget because the day that we saved him from the shelter and went to drive to the vet he got in the floor of my truck. He was too scared to get back up on the seat so I lured him up with.... you guessed it....a chicken nugget! I said that can be your name....little Nugget!
Personality: Spunky is my best description for Nugget. He loves playing with toys and other small dogs. He acts like a kid! Enjoys running outside and when he's ready he will be at your feet for love and attention. Likes to lounge on the couch and toss toys around. Enjoys cuddling in a lap. Sleeps in the bed at night. Is not kenneled when left home because he does good out. He is a more dominant male. Prefers his lady friends, haha! Overall... just a spunky boy!
Past: Nugget has come a long way during his time under our rescue. He use to have certain anxiety triggers but they have greatly decreased. He use to be scared of coming up to me when I came to visit, now he comes for love and attention! He is funny about how he is pet...kind of like a cat at times. I personally just dont go flying in my hands above his head. I'm gentle with him and have noticed the difference. In the past he would bite at my boots, well the other day we were running around the yard playing chase together! His little triggers could be talked about in depth with anyone thinking of loving this boy forever! He is constantly becoming overcoming past battles and we are very impressed. He is so deserving of a loving home.
.Requirements: Only older, respectible children if any. Fenced yard. Must be kept on monthly heartworm prevention like every other dog.
About Microchip: Our animals are microchipped under the rescue. By having the animals microchipped under us it provides us with a definite option of the animal being safe if found. If the pet ever goes missing you can let us know as well so we may help find them. If we ever are called on the animal being found we will try our best for 2 weeks to get in contact with the owners (as you should also be trying to get in contact with us) and if the owner is not found after 2 weeks the animal is legally ours again via our contract. This is a GREAT safety precaution for loving families. It means you will have an awesome caring team devoted to reuniting you with your baby. We ourselves have found microchipped dogs that have been rehomed and ended up in shelters on a euthanasia list. We take this very seriously as we never want that to happen to any of our animals. We also require first option of taking an animal back if the home does not work out. You can consider us a forever family for the pets adopted from us.
Adoption: Adoption fee $100.Feel free to ask us any questions especially on sweet Nugget. He has been waiting a long time for a family.
Go to to apply for adoption. We ask that you first email us at to let us know to expect your application. Sometimes they do not send through. Try to include as much about yourself as possible. For more images go to the following link:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***** If a dog has heartworms do not let it deter you from adoption. We place our heartworm positive dogs on a month of doxycycline twice a day and heartworm prevention. The doxy kills any baby heartworms and weakens the adults until they die of age. This is gentler on the pet than full blown treatment and is best for our animals going through foster care. The pet just needs to stay on regular prevention afterward. You may speak with your personal vet about the full on treatment if that is preferred and a possibility for the pet. Send any questions on the matter! Nugget already finished his month of doxy and now just needs to stay on regular prevention to complete the slow kill method. Nugget has no outward signs of his heartworms. He is youthful and full of energy just like other dogs!

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Greenwood, La

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