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4 years, 5 months
Medium  |  Female

Cypress, TX

rescued from Angleton pound

OREO --- I'm named after a COOKIE?? Do I look like food to you? Humans....can't live without them and love to live with them....even when they come up with silly names for such sophisticated felines as ourselves!

Anyways, I'm playful and silly at times. Love to come up to you periodically to get my pets, scratches behind the ears...under the neck....oh my goodness! I'm going to have to stop typing so to find my foster mom for some loving!!! Anyways, I will snuggle down in a chair and just look at you....and of course, thinking about what my next plan of action might be! Looking for someone that would love a kitty like me.....and promise to give you so much more back!

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Cypress, TX

(281) 826-2287

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