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Russian Blue

3 years

St. Cloud, FL

LOVER BOY EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!! This handsome all grey kitty wants nothing more in life than to love and be loved. Super sweet, playful, and VERY affectionate...he'll be your companion anytime anywhere as long as you're willing to pet him.

OSCAR is our "trash can kitty"...he was found in the back of a St. Cloud, FL trash truck by the operator just before he was ready to turn the compactor on. But unlike the Oscar on Sesame Street, our Oscar is far from a grouch!

Oscar has 7 other foster "litter mates" that he was raised with, and has bonded with (RALPHIE, MARKIE, RYAN, OLLIE, MILO, FELIX and DOREEN---please see their individual webpages). He wants all of them to find forever homes too! He would be happiest if he could be adopted with one of them---his best buddy is RALPHIE---but he likes them all.

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St. Cloud, FL

(407) 460-2305

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