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2 years, 9 months

St. Cloud, FL

I am a sweet little girl that gets along with everyone... cats, dogs, etc. I love to be pet and loved. I have got gorgeous green eyes!!
I heard of the story of Pandora's box. Being the optimist, I searched for a positive spin on the name and discovered there's more than one version of the "Pandora's Box" myth. Ancient Greek versions of the myth imply that Pandora opened the box and released all good things into the world. After all, Pandora was given the box as a wedding present. Hence why the name means "gifted" or "all of the gifts". Bring this gifted and beautiful girl home to your family and she will release all good things into your life! Call / text Anita at 407 460 2305.

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St. Cloud, FL

(407) 460-2305

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