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Papr Hanging

French Bulldog


Hemet, CA

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For those of you that breed black & tan or any other colors with tan beware a puppy was purchase 5 years ago with no papers pet home and the breeders that purchase hung papers on him. He has been bred many times and because its been 5 years since his birth it can be 5 generations down. Those of you who have him in your lines has already been contacted by AKC and papers put on hold, so no litters or pups can be registered with this dog in their lines at this time. AKC is doing an investigation on this dog and will know something in about 8 weeks. I have a litter of one pup that will be up for sell that has this dog in her lines so right now cannot be priced because I will not know for about 2 months if AKC will take her dad's breeding rights away or not. If they do she will go into a pet home. If not she is black brindle carries chocolate also ay/a or ay/at & may carry blue. I will be DNA once AKC makes their ruling. The dog that is involved in this is Socal Tonda?s Theory of Relativity (NP29099101) and Tondas-Socals Einstein (NP25797601). His original name was Magnum PI (which I believe is the original puppy's true paperwork under limited AKC. My pup is only a few days old and my other computer is in the shop, when I get it back I will load more pictures.

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