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Peanut in RI - Long Term Foster Care


4 years, 6 months
Small  |  Male

Marathon, RI


" Not available for adoption "
Located: in Rhode Island
Age: 2 years old
Weight: 5 lbs

This little guy is Peanut! Peanut is looking much better than he did when we found him as a stray. He was living on the streets and by the look of him it was for some time. Imagine being a 4 pound dog and homeless! This poor, mistreated boy was hungry, dirty, had long nails, missing fur, and was Heartworm positive.
While in foster care Peanut was treated for heartworms, but unfortunately due to Peanut's size and the severity of his condition, the treatment caused damage to his heart and lungs. Peanut also was dealt a bad hand of genetics. He has a heart murmur that the vet says it may get worse as he gets older. Peanut has luxating (out of place) patellas in his back knees. Usually knees in his condition would need to be operated on, but due to the damage to his heart and lungs, he probably wouldn't make it through the surgery. Peanut is given Metacam, which is a dog NSAID, whenever he is in pain or when he is limping. Peanut also has Paraphimosis, which is also a birth defect. Paraphimosis is a condition that causes a dog to be unable to retract it's penis back in the sheath. A dog will usually have surgery for this, but this too would be too risky for him. Instead he needs it to be lubricated, if not he the tissue may dry out and become necrotic. In that case he would have to have emergency surgery. Peanut also takes seizures, which are not too bad right now, but his neurologist stated that the seizures could get worse as he gets older.
Peanut also has behavioral issues, anxiety and fear biting. The only person who he trusts is his foster mom, everyone else he tries to bite, and when he does he will not back down and will break skin. Sometimes Peanut will even bite his foster mom for no reason, and then he will be looking to sit with her and want to be loved. We think he is this way because he was abused sometime in his life. Regardless the reason for his aggression, Peanut's foster family loves him and he will remain with them in long term foster care.
Peanut will remain with his foster family and FOHA will provide for his long term care. Please consider making a donation through Paypal to FOHA for dogs like Peanut.

Normally we do not process applications unless a specific dog is selected, along with submitting a deposit of $200 using our Paypal Donate link. Please understand we are all volunteers with limited resources - your deposit tells us you are serious.
Click here to complete our online adoption application! Once we have your deposit we will hold the dog for you while we process your application. If you are not approved to adopt or we can not provide the dog you are interested in, your deposit is refunded. If you are approved, the deposit is applied toward the total donation of the dog.
If the dog is not a good match, we will work with you to find another dog, but the deposit is NOT refundable. We want you to be certain that this is a decision your have thought through thoroughly & not just a whim so if YOU change your mind for ANY reason , your deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE !
If you would like to HELP any of our special rescued dogs by making a donation or
If you would like to place a DEPOSIT for a dog while we process your application, you can use this secure & safe site on Paypal - please click on symbol below:
Transport costs are normally included in the donation unless otherwise noted.
If you wish to call us, please call between the hours of 10 AM and 7PM at 401-234-4499.
If you leave a message, a volunteer will return your call ASAP.
If you would rather email us, please email:
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Marathon, RI

(401) 234-4499

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