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Presa Canario

1 year, 11 months
Large  |  Female

Woodsfield, OH


****You must go to our website & fill out an application to be considered to adopt this sweet girl, Go to: Meet PERSEPHONIE she is a sweet, happy girl, tail never stops wagging! She is a purebred Presa Canario (NOT a pit or pit mix!) This breed is a English mastiff crossed with a bulldog, they are VERY loyal & can be protective. Sephy is VERY SOCIAL! She has met a lot of people, never shown any aggression, she looks at cats, but, has not tried to bother one, she pays no attention to kids, just wags her tail. We are looking for an ADULT ONLY home. This breed is too large & strong to be safe around children. If you wanted a walking, hiking, jogging buddy, who would be your protector & keep you safe. BUT, you can walk her safely around people & other animals. This may be the perfect companion for you! She is crate trained, good in the car, rides well. Very well behaved, she has started to play with toys. She belonged to a guy who was breeding Presa's & is now going out of business, THANK GOD!! This is a wonderful breed, for an APPROPRIATE home. But, not a breed for just anyone. You need to show us you are a responsible pet owner, who will care for Sephy regularly her whole life! If you have a WONDERFUL home for her, we look forward to reviewing your application & speaking with your vet....THANKS!!!! BREED INFO..... 80-100 LBS, SHE WILL BE ABOUT 90LB.
TEMPERMENT OF THIS BREED....... The Presa is a docile, affectionate dog. They are great family protectors and are bred to be family companions as well as guardians. They are distrustful of strangers, but should accept strangers if the owner accepts them. They should be very alert and ready to defend the owner or property if necessary. It is generally a quiet breed but has a very intimidating bark. This breed requires an owner who understands the alpha nature of canines. No member of the family can be uncomfortable around the dog. Canaries make outstanding guard dogs. Just their appearance is a deterrent, not to mention their ability to confront any intruder. As with all guardian type dogs early socialization and obedience training are a must. Occasionally you will have some dog aggression in the Presa Canario, but with proper socialization and training this is the exception and not the rule. The Presa Canario competes and does well in many conformation, obedience, iron dogs, agility, dock diving, schutzhund and other working trials. Many are raised with other dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles. Owners must take their dogs for daily pack walks to satisfy their migration instincts. The dog must not walk in front of the human who is holding the lead, as the pack leader goes first. The dog must walk beside or behind the human. The objective in training this dog is to achieve pack leader status. It is a natural instinct for a dog to have an order in their pack. When we humans live with dogs, we become their pack. The entire pack cooperates under a single leader. Lines are clearly defined and rules are set. Because a dog communicates his displeasure with growling and eventually biting, all other humans MUST be higher up in the order than the dog. The humans must be the ones making the decisions, not the dogs. That is the only way your relationship with your dog can be a complete success.

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Woodsfield, OH

(740) 472-9828

Top Reviews

2 years ago

I love shih tzus or dog's so wha like them or a mix. I live alone and need a dog not what a man there more and harder to deal with but a dog is more love and away's there for you, you can call me at 304893903 or 3049170447

Toni Hall

1 month ago

Stay away from this flipper. They charge sale prices noy adoption fees. They sell sick dogs. They take in abused animals know who the abusers are and do not report the people. They also take other peoples dogs and do not return them. They threaten when confronted and block in public forums. Always have alot of pups which is weird they say thry get them from Amish Mills but most Amish will not give up profit re: pups. Makes you question alot.

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