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Miniature Pinscher

Small  |  Male

Madera, CA

Please contact Vendetta ( for more information about this pet.

Pickle is a high stepping miniature pinscher! Pickle is between 10 to 12 years old, and that is just a guess.
Pickle is almost completely blind because of cataracts. He is a candidate for surgery because he does have some retna reaction. He can tell bright light from dark, but that is about it. He gets along quite well outside in the wide open spaces and still has that min pin high stepping prance. In the house, he is somewhat more challenged, but still very inquisitive and active.
Pickle is a snugglebug and would like nothing more than to sit in your lap and be petted. In fact, if you stop petting him, he will reach out and paw you until you resume petting him. He has learned though, that he can be just as comfortable in his bed---and he loves to burrow under his blankie.
He is not a barker, gets along well the resident dogs and bunks with a small female dog. His sniffer is also impaired and he is not happy when he wanders up on a cat, but he just turns and goes the other way.
Pickle is a delight and when he comes into the house, he dances around on his hind legs for a little bit to let you know how happy he is. His hearing is great so he comes when he hears his name and when you clap your hands. He can walk in a straight shot to you.
You do have to keep an eye on him because although he is considered housebroken, he can get confused about where the outside door is. Hopefully, that will improve as he learns his way around better.
Pickle's adoption fee is $150.00. He is neutered, microchipped, crate trained, uptodate on rabies vax and his dhpp. He also had an extensive dental and his bloodwork was good!
If you would like to meet Pickle, please contact his foster mom at

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Madera, CA

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