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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

5 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Female

Rockaway, NJ

Hi! My name is Pinky & I am a 3 year old Pit Bull/Chihuahua mix. Here is what my foster mom has to say about me:
Pinky is a love bug. Once she gets to know you, all she wants to do is cuddle. She will sleep under the covers with my kids. She kisses & loves to be held in your lap. Pinky is deaf & when we talk to her, she turns her head sideways trying to figure out what you are saying. She responds well to hand signals especially when you clap your hands, smile and say good girl! We have taught her signs for "Good", "No", "Come", "Sit", "Eat", and "Potty".
Pinky gets excited when she has been good but, oh my, she will cower and slink around when you scowl at her and shake your finger "no". She will also "apologize". She is house trained and enjoys being outside. Pinky gets along great with all my boys (dogs that is). She is the biggest snuggler! She curls up on your lap and stays there until you get up, and she prefers to sleep with someone at night, even if it's cuddling with our dog on the couch. She isn't fond of the crate and we usually have to wait out her barking and whining before she wears herself out and falls asleep.
Pinky is NEVER aggressive with people around food, only other dogs. She is amazing with my 2 year old and has never shown any aggression towards children, even when she gets big squeezes. She does get worked up with new people in new environments - it takes her a little time to realize that they are not going to hurt her. I'm not sure if it's her being protective of us, or if she is more defensive because she can't hear what's going on. I make sure to tell people to keep their distance until she warms up.
Pinky loves tug-of-war, with people or other dogs. She was very awkward around other dogs when she first came here, but she gets along just fine with our male dogs - she is not fond of females. I think she would do best in a home with a male dog to keep her clued in to what's going on.
If you would like to meet Pinky, please complete an adoption application & be sure to mention her name!

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Rockaway, NJ

(973) 664-0865

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