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Ponda's Outcast



Cherry Hill, NJ

Ponda's Outcast whose call name at the track was "Castor" is a very handsome boy who we all fell in love with. He's affectionate and takes direction well. He walks great on leash as he trots nicely beside his person like a show dog. He's a leaner and seems even tempered. He was described by the folks in Florida as "a nice, middle of the road boy"--we agree and were impressed with Outcast. He is 3 years and although he loves people, no cats, please.
10/25/2016 Inmate Handler Update:
"I would adopt outcast for many reasons. One being that he is loving. another is that he is loyal. All of things that someone looks for in a dog.. He is also always happy to see me which adds to the reasons as why I would adopt him."
Inmate Handler Update 1/13/2016
"Outcast is a great dog for many reasons: He loves to play; he can sit on command; and he gives paw. He does not like to be neglected and is always ready to cuddle. He does not use the bathroom indoors and is ecstatic from the moment you walk out the front door with him for a walk. Outcast would be a lovely addtion to most families."

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Cherry Hill, NJ

(732) 356-4370

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