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American Bully


2 years, 6 months

Riverside, CA


WWW.BLUELEGACYEXOTICBULLIES.COM === CALL JOE @ 714-487-2218 === POCKET EXOTIC == POCKET EXOTIC == FOUNDATION-STARTER --- UPGRADE YOUR BREEDING PROGRAM WITH AN EXOTIC BULLY FROM BLUE LEGACY EXOTIC BULLIES --- Dont miss out --- ~~~ MUST ?SEE ~~~ Puppies have blocky heads, THICK MUZZLES, wide chest, with bully bodies polished with the best pedigree you can find --- OVERRIDE THE AVERAGE and GET THE KNOWN QUALITY PACKAGE == Check out my website for more pictures and pics of parents --- GORGEOUS SHOWSTOPPER == QUALITY IS NOT EXPENSIVE...YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR --- CALL JOE @ 714-487-2218 --- Thank you for looking.

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