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Queen Teuta

Dilute Calico

Medium  |  Female

Los Angeles, CA

DOB: 8/15/10

Queen Teuta of Illyria is a retired three-legged pirate cat who's ready to make your lap her new throne. Her first four years of life will remain a mystery but at some point her ship ran aground on the fantastical isle of Hollywood where she survived by her wits alone. Finally a passing rescue ship took pity on her and she joined the crew of the HMS Kitten Rescue. However, Queen Teuta is not a fan of swabbing decks and furling sails and would like to regain her once royal status in a new Kingdom. She seeks a warm lap for her throne, delicious snacks to eat, and loving hands to scritch her royal ears.
She is a true Queen and as such does not like to mix with the little cats of the world – though she might be convinced to share her kingdom with the right kind of subject, maybe even the canine kind. Queen Teuta has a royal temperament and although she will shower you with affection most of the time she prefers if attention were paid to the royal head and not the royal back or royal legs unless she's feeling particularly magnanimous.

If you are interested in learning more about this kitty or in adopting her, please click here to email her foster parent.

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Los Angeles, CA

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