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American Shorthair

Medium  |  Male

Maywood, IL

Rainbow and his sister Dixie were born around the end of September 2013. They love springy toys that crinkle and bounce and cozy places to nap together. They are both gorgeous cats with a mix of spotted and marble tabby markings. Rainbow is especially beautiful with his buff tabby coloring and the lovely golden eyeliner he has around his eyes. Rainbow and Dixie both have a slight ear tip because they were supposed to return to the yard where they had been trapped, but they proved themselves ready to make the move indoors by accepting cuddles and kisses from the CatVando volunteers and they've both been known to purr. They get along well with other cats and large dogs, though they are not as fond of small dogs . Although both cats do love to cuddle, they will need more socialization in their future home because they have been known to be quite shy on occasion.

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Maywood, IL

(708) 829-6013

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