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6 years, 1 month
Medium  |  Male

Mills, WY


Ranger is just an "adorable boy". He was a favorite at the vets, and had all the staff all over him. He is just quiet and calm and a go with the flow kinda boy.
Ranger has for the most part stopped his growling at the other dogs. He is next to Rosy and they get along. He has stopped staring at the other males and growling at them. If he does, he is easily corrected and moves on. He walks like a dream on a leash, stays with you off leash. When I turn the other dogs out in the turnout pen right next to him, he just sits and watches. He is learning that other dogs are not a threat to him.

Ranger had been roaming the streets apparently for years before somone finally called the shelter to come get him. No one claimed this sweet boy whom they think is 4-5 years old, so they reached out to rescue. Ranger loves all people. When they picked him up in a migrant camp, the kids were climbing all over him.
He has been neutered and we are introducing him to other dogs. At the present he is not fond of male dogs and will put him next to the females to see how he does. I am sure this is something he learned while wandering the streets.
He is a very sweet boy and just craves affection. At the present, I would recommend a home without other dogs, a female might work, we will see how he progresses.

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Mills, WY

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