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11 years, 8 months
Medium  |  Male

Lenoir, NC

(SRC#1602) RASCAL HAS BEEN RETIRED TO HIS FOSTER FAMILY RASCAL (SRC#1602) is a well traveled Schnauzer/Sheepdog mix with a very laid back personality. He would have made a wonderful family dog because he is one that goes with the flow and just enjoys being with his family whatever they are doing. Mildly heart-worm positive when he came to us, SRC treated this senior to assure he has a great opportunity at that long happy life he deserves, now all he needed was a loving family who understands commitment! No more rejection for this handsome guy -- he cannot take another heartbreak especially since he deserves so much better. THIS DOG WAS PLACED ON HOLD FOR TWO - FOUR WEEKS PENDING EVALUATION AND BEFORE WE KNEW IT -- ALMOST TWO YEARS HAD PASSED AT HIS FOSTER HOME! This is probably the longest period of time this poor boy had ever spent at one place in his entire lifetime! So of course he considers this foster home his permanent home! RASCAL (SRC#1602) is an amazing dog! His personality is fantastic and he has yet to meet a stranger. Of course it is no wonder the way this captivating canine has traveled already. It simply is incredible that any canine should have already been in at least 2 shelters already with the mention of a third! NO poor animal should have suffered this way! He was housebroken which is changing as old age catches up with him, and also very easy-going, approximately 47 pounds and such a pleasure that everyone who meets him just is automatically his friend! Rascal loves to ride and is happy to just be part of the group. He is an older adult who definitely deserves a wonderful home and probably will make a great family dog. As he was fostered once the Heart-worm treatment was completed the bond between him and his foster parents grew. SRC loves him already and will see that he gets whatever he needs to be happy and healthy. What he really needs now is to stay exactly where he is because he truly has already adopted his foster parents and does not want another change in his life. We have committed to making him happy.

Tax-deductible donation requested at time of adoption for this dog is $n/a

When ready for adoption this canine will also have been evaluated for two weeks by loving SRC foster parents who will be able to give the adoptive parents information as to their opinion about the demeanor of the adoptive parent's new family companion prior to the finalizing of this adoption. SRC volunteers strive to do all of this for the well-being of their rescued canine and for a successful. It is our worthy mission to assure that each dog goes to a loving and stable home whose family members will treat each rescued dog that SRC helps as a beloved member of their immediate family.
SRC’s dogs are in foster homes throughout NC, SC, and VA. You must be willing to drive to the dog's foster home in order to adopt it. The location of each dog is listed at the bottom of its bio.
BEFORE meeting an SRC dog, you must be approved to adopt. Our downloadable Adoption Application is on our web site at and can be submitted via email or fax (1-910-401-1317). You can request an Adoption Application to email address:
Upon receipt of your application, a vet reference check and home visit will be done. The entire process normally takes three to seven days, depending on your location.
Please plan on welcoming your new dog into your home within two weeks after approval. We do not hold dogs, and we adopt them out on a first-come, first-serve basis based on a completed adoption process.
SRC does not ordinarily adopt its dogs to families with children under ten years of age. This is for the protection of the dogs and for the protection of the children.
Procedures will be explained to you at the time of approval regarding donation and contract. Your donation goes forward to help incoming rescued dogs. Our average expenses per dog include:
Here is a break-down of the average expenses spent on SRC dogs to assure they remain healthy and happy as they are prepared for adoption:
Office Visit $45-60; Fecal $14-24; Rabies $14-24; DHLPP $14-24; Bordetella $14-24; Heart-worm, Lyme, Ehrliccia Testing $30-45; Heart worm
Preventative $16 per month; Spay or Neuter $200-$400; Total Basic Vetting $347- $617; ADDITIONAL VETTING: Teeth Cleaning $200; Blood Panel $80 -150; Cherry Eye $300-$500; Urinary Tract Infection $60-100; Heart-worm Treatment $300-700; Luxating Patellas $1,800 per leg; Cruciate Surgery $1,200 per leg; Entropian Surgery $250-$500; Demodectic Mange $100 per month; X-Ray $80 - $110; Ultrasound: $300; Cataract Surgery $1500 - $3000; Boarding $300 per month per dog
We want to thank you for your interest in our dogs.

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