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Rochester, MN

Rio is a 7 y/o neutered white and tan male chihuahua/ beagle mix. He was shy at first but, has warmed up pretty quickly to his foster family. Although at times he still seems a little unsure and can be easily startled. He is a very friendly and sweet boy and loves attention! (especially being scratched behind his ears) Do this for him and you will be rewarded with a huge tail wag! He does really well on a leash and loves going for walks. Rio is friendly with other dogs and children (not sure about cats). Rio has marked in the house before. (mostly outside) I?m not sure if this is just because of the other 2 male dogs in the house or not. I think he would do better with this if he were the only male though. Rio barks very little and when he does it is to alert us that there is another dog or person near the house. Rio has a history of having seizures. But has not had one for some time and currently does not need medication. The vet felt that they could have been caused from his previous weight (28 pounds!). He currently weighs 19 pounds. The vet said if he gets down to 15 that could be a good weight for him. He eats 1/4cup of Fromm diet twice per day. He would probably like any kind of treat but, they are limited because he is trying to get in shape. He seems to be house trained but is still learning how to alert us that he has to go outside. He has only been with us for a short time so we are still getting to know him and his behaviors so we just let him out periodically throughout the day. He has been clean in his kennel. He has not been aggressive towards people, with his food or toys. Rio is overweight and isn?t very active. His favorite activity so far has been to take naps! But, we are working on getting him out for short walks to help him get in shape. He especially likes his kennel and seems to prefer sleeping in there. He is microchipped, current on all his vaccinations and heartworm negative. His adoption fee is $300.

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Rochester, MN

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