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Rocky Juan


4 years, 9 months
Large  |  Male

Woodinville, WA

~~Rocky Juan
3 yr old male
No Children
Dog friendly
Basic training
Crate trained
Requires calm, quiet home with little foot traffic
Woodinville, WA
Hola! My name is Rocky Juan Pedro Taco Martinez Lopez, but my humans call me Rocky for short. I am an incredibly lovey-dovey baby doll. I love to sit on my foster mom’s lap. She calls it my “charging station” because when I get tired from playing with my fur brothers, I like to catch my breath while on her lap. I am also a big time cuddler when it comes to bed time. Sometimes when it is hot in the summer, I will choose to sleep on the floor, but most of the time I love to jump up and keep my humans’ feets warm and cozy. If you want me to sleep in my crate, I am totally fine with that too. I will go into my crate by choice for naps sometimes, because it is my special place. But I will also go lay down in there if you ask me to, and I won’t make a peep. I am not very high energy, so I don’t mind relaxing, but I like to play too… especially chasing squeaky toys! And did I mention that I have never had an accident in the house? Boy, I’m smart.
My mom always jokes that even though I came from Mexico, so I should speak Spanish, that I understand English perfectly well. She speaks in full sentences to me, and I am so smart that I know what she wants even if it’s not a command that I know. I hope to one day get to know my new family so well that I can finish their sentences for them…and their sandwiches. Did I mention that I love food? I am so easy to train because you just have to offer me a dog cookie, and I will do anything you ask. Sometimes my foster family even gives me leftover meat from their dinners, and that is my favorite. But mi madre says that I am loco, because I love veggies too! I share stalks of celery and cucumbers with her! Talk about a raw diet! I do scarf down my dog kibble very quickly though, so my family can’t free-feed me because I will eat until my tummy explodes, I think. I have a very strict meal time, and I jump for joy when I hear the food bowls clanging, and sometimes I get to eat out of a fancy Kong toy that makes me work hard for food. I also love water. Well…to drink, that is. Though I am not much of a swimmer, I enjoy playing in the sprinkler and sticking my head into the running shower to lap up the water. I love to chew on toys and bones, but I am not aggressive with my food, toys, or dog snacks. I actually love to play tug of war with my fur brothers, but sometimes it takes me a while to convince them to play with me. I am definitely the instigator in the relationship. My mom says I have a tendency to instigate other things once in a while too. Oops. For this reason, I have to have slow, monitored introductions with new dogs and humans before we become best friends and play all day. I just like to be careful around strangers is all. I would do anything to protect my family. I love my people, and I know they would give their lives for me, so I will do the same for them if it ever comes to it. Once you are in my circle of trust, we have an unbreakable bond. Do you want to let me into your family and into your hearts?
Foster mom here! Rocky J is a darling boy and is a total joy to have around the house. He is one of the most affectionate dogs I have ever met, which is a lot coming from a Boxer home. Rocky suffers from anxiety that requires him to take one pill a day that he gobbles down with some peanut butter. Before medical intervention, every single little noise or movement would spook him and he would lay down and cry terrified. We can only imagine what he has been through in his life before being rescued, but we can attest to the fact that he has made leaps and bounds of progress in the past few months with us. His fears will never fully leave him, and thus all introduction must be done slowly, on leash, and at his speed. Rocky needs a home with few visitors, with a family that understands and respects his needs – that is comfortable shutting him in the bedroom when the occasional dinner guest is over, for everyone’s best interest. He does well living with other dogs, big and small, as long as they aren’t dominant or intimidating to him. We would recommend a home with no kids, as the commotion that tends to come along with children can make his anxiety peak. He also would prefer to live somewhere with enough space to run, perhaps with a fur sibling of fitting demeanor. His fears can be a blessing too, because he loves his humans so fiercely; I have no doubt that he would protect your home if it was ever threatened. We recently were almost broken into, but Rocky J scared the burglar away (while our personal dogs cowered in the corner and would have let the burglar get away with all we had). We love Rocky so much, and seeing him go will be heart wrenching, but that is the joy of fostering these wonderful babies. Please put in your application with NWBR today right here:!adoption-form/c1dw9

If you would like to adopt him, fill out an adoption application on our website
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Woodinville, WA

(509) 607-4740

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