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Rocky (Loyal Senior Boy!)

Pit Bull Terrier

Large  |  Male

Jacksonville, FL

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Meet Mr. Rocky! He is a 11-year old boy with a sad past. He was thrown out in an alley as a tiny, skinny puppy. Rocky followed a couple boys heading back home from the liquor store, and never left their home. Rocky was given water and food for the past 10 years, but never really got the love and care he needed until a Good Sam learned about his life story and wanted to help.
Rocky was exposed to a lot of domestic violence issues in his original home. He was also taunted and teased by the neighborhood kids. He craved for some love and TLC every day, and waited for the right family to take him home.
With the help of a Good Sam, Rocky has been given proper vet care, and was professionally diagnosed with spondylosis after a major car accident while living with his former "owners." The spondylosis is completely manageable with the occasional use of pain meds. Rocky gets massaged every day, and he runs, walks, and plays just fine.
Rocky has a loving, gentle personality. He LOVES to cuddle and burrow underneath sheets and blankets to keep warm. He plays with toys, rolls on the grass, gallops around in the backyard. He listens wonderfully well, and even knows how to do tricks (shake, sit, down, and lay).
Because of his past, Rocky needs a special, responsible home that could let him live out his golden years in peace and harmony. He is fearful of loud noises such as screaming people or fireworks. He is fine around certain dogs, but would do best as the only child in the house. He is scared of water. And he is scared of certain men with masks, hats, or hoodies on.
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