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Rocky V


Small  |  Male

Miami, FL

Small Senior Beagle

Hi! They call me Rocky V. Maybe it's because I'm such a striking dude. Or maybe it's because I act like a tough guy through my cage. I had to grow thick skin when I was abandoned by my family. Because it hurted me lots. It still does. But just between us, the tough-guy act is only pretend. When I get out of my kennel, I'm so happy, I can't hide it. I'll play with anyone... you, your dog... anyone! Anyway, I'm a senior, but I honestly don't feel like one at all. Well, except for right now I kind of do, but only because Paws 4 You did a surgery on my back or my hips or something like that. I don't remember, but it hurts all over. Paws 4 You is nice to dogs like me that have nowhere else to go. I'm doing physical therapy now, so I'm going to be all better! But they say it would be a lot better for my therapy (and me!) if I was in a home... Do you have a home you could share with me?

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Miami, FL

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