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Jack Russell Terrier

3 years, 9 months
Small  |  Male

Stroudsburg, PA

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Sweet protective dog

ROMAN – 1.5 + yrs. Jack Russell/Beagle mix
1. Housetrained? - yes
2. Crate Trained? - Yes, but use treats to put him in or will growl and has nipped. With treats he goes in with no problem.
3. Barky? With strangers initially
4. How is dog on leash? - Loves walks but needs some leash training
5. Any aggressive tendencies, such as: resource guarding, food, toys, bones. - Tends to resource guard certain things like a ball or bag of food but will let you go near his bowl of food while he is eating and will share certain toys with other dogs. He will also guard a room or steps from other dogs at times if he is the first to enter it or go down the steps.
6. Good with kids, cats, men, women, dogs. - Good with older considerate kids if they are calm. Not recommend for small kids. Not recommended to anybody with cats. Timid with men. Takes his time to make sure you are ok before he will trust you.
7. Any training? What commands does the dog know. - He sits for his food and treats. Could use work on a leash.
8. Likes or dislikes - not fond of men at first. Does not like cats.
9. Is dog shy or fearful of anything - He is cautious of people he doesn't know, will bark and growl. If other dogs are barking he tends to go into an aggressive state. He has bitten. (situation: My daughters friend who entered the house did not allow him time to get to know her and ran up the steps he ran after her and bit the back of her leg. It did leave a bruise and scratch). Not recommended to turn back until he is completely comfortable with you. He has attacked another dog. This dog is his father and they both came from an abusive situation.
10. How energetic is the dog and what do you recommend for amount of exercise. He is young and energetic. - He loves having a yard to run around in. Definitely recommend fenced in yard or area to run. He does dig. He does chew things like shoes or other stuff he can find. (puppy proofing needed)
11. Separation anxiety N/A
12. How are they with baths, car, nail clipping, vets office - I was told he was ok at the vet. Good in car.
Roman is a very loving and devoted boy. He loves affection and to play with other dogs but he also likes his alone time in the yard too. He can be placed with other dogs but he would also do well as an only dog, he is good at entertaining himself.

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Stroudsburg, PA

(570) 420-0450

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