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Small  |  Female

Cabool, MO

Approaching her golden years, Rory likes to spend time warm and comfy......heat and fluffy beds and pillows and a bottomless food bowl are her priorities :) She loves her best buddy in foster care, Margo........a senior Boston Terrier. Their relationship has withstood a lot, when Margo was adopted and went away Rory missed her but when Margos new mom died and she came back to her foster home, she and Rory had a glorious reunion and it was good! They got right back into their routine and have been together since! Rory would probably like a house mate, cuddle buddy in a new home as well!
Foster mom update: Rory loves to play, small, large, young and old alike, she will play with anyone, comes when she is called and is flawlessly using the doggy door. She is good with the cats as well!! All she wants is a little basket to nap in and a good buddy to take in her day with, what a girl!!!

Rory has made a full recovery, is spayed and recently saw the vet who felt she had really done well in her recovery. She has a darling little butt wiggle when she walks and loves to go outside, walk and play. Her truest love is a nice basket with a pillow and a yummy!! Just a sweet little girl with a hip hop in her get up and go!! She may need arthritis pills in her maturity but that is not uncommon for all dogs. Vet guesses Rory at having approx. an 07 birthyear. Foster mom says she would struggle with more then 4 or 5 steep stairs if she had to do it everyday. Beagle lovers will not be able to resist her darling little Roo!! Heart of a Beagle that beats so true!!

Update: Rory found the help she needed and is on her feet again! She walks around and enjoys the yard! Havent taken her on the open trail and never let her out when its cold outside like in the morning or night cause she doesnt need that! She has broken her confines and her progress has been great. She never let her spirit fail, she has been positive, cooperative and stead fast through it all. She has the most darling little girl hound song which she will use at will in the presents of yummies!! Any Beagle lovers dream!!! New pics will be coming soon! Her rescue Angel, Alex who stood by her every single step she has taken in her recovery will be glad to love her till a new opportunity is made available for her!!

Good Doctor says our Rory can make a full recovery, all systems seem to be a go and its down to rest up and heel time, with some potti assistance till her squat is back on track!! We are thanking our lucky stars!!! She was severely infested with ticks, totaling over 115!!

Emergency Foster says: "She is in lot of pain, and can't get around at all. She needs a safe indoor place to rest. She needs help to get up to pee and when she pees on herself, she needs cleaned up. This dog will need nursing care and soon! Rory is on Pain meds and antibiotics for several more days yet despite it all, she remains sweet and loving and thankful for any kindness shown to her, its heartbreaking."

Rory has suffered a broken Pelvis. She will need rehab to include a quiet soft spot, someone to keep her cleaned up and make sure she gets her pain meds as she heels. Eventually, she will need some support like towel walking to get back on those feet once the bone has begun to heel.

Tragic situation: Rescue Care is of our foundation foster moms is a dance teacher. She shares with her students and they participate in helping us a lot with fundraisers and volunteer support under her guidance. They were driving down the highway and much to there horror, the truck in front of them struck a small Beagle. The hit and run driver just continued on his way without so much as hitting the brakes. This dog is in critical care at a nearby vet hospital!!! With the heat bellowing off that highway she would died a horrible torturous death! More info to come!

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