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9 years, 7 months

Pearland, TX


ATDR 1023

UPDATE - 08/24/16 - Sweet senior girl Rosie is such a happy girl! She LOVES to eat more than anything on earth. She is a fan of kibble just as she is cheese or meaty treats. She is a good-natured little girl who loves to merrily trot around the house and yard with her tail up high and nose busily sniffing. She loves to be talked to, and will often trot over to foster mom for a head scratch or a back rub. She is a bit leery of being picked up quickly, and has never tried to venture up the ramp to the big bed---but her eyes are gigantic and have that far-sighted look that we seniors tend to develop, so it is believed she is just easily startled by rapid movement, particularly elevation. However, consultation with the vet revealed she has no actual vision loss, just age-related changes that resign the rest of us to bifocals. She does like to sit in foster mom's lap, but, let's face it-----being a lapdog pales in comparison to being a chowhound, so she will never enjoy it as much as she enjoys mealtime.

She gets along well with the other dogs in the household. She minds her own business and never indulges in arguments or disagreements, like *ahem* we all know some crotchety, senior, spayed doxies do. That is just not Rosie. She has a "live and let live" attitude and enjoys her peaceful existence. She is looking for a happy home where she has a comfy bed she can call her own, a regular feeding schedule, and an interesting outdoor space she can explore. That is not too much to ask for a regal dachshund in her retirement years.
Rosie is a very sweet, frosty-faced girl. She is fully vetted but she has had some minor issues to fix. She is HW-, but she had some other parasites and just basic malnutrition that were giving her a dull coat. And she was just a skinny girl! She recently had a major dental so we are expecting her to start gaining weight and shining like a new penny very soon.

She is a calm, low-key senior girl. She gets along with the rest of the dogs in the household by presenting an accepting but aloof attitude. She does not snuggle with the other dogs or play chase. Really, all she wants is a soft bed in a quiet area to call her very own. For some reason, she will not use the ramp to go up to the sofa or big bed. So---she likes to stay grounded and in her own corner. She also likes to EAT. She has not done any food guarding, but she chomps her meals down so quickly it appears she may have had some periods in her lifetime when food was hard to come by.

She is a standard-sized girl--and needs to put on a pound or two--up from her current 16ish. She is VERY bowlegged and is just a hoot to watch as she trots around the yard.

She loves to have her head and ears scratched. She would do very well in a quiet, one-dog household. She just wants a soft bed, a full tummy, and some love and affection.

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Pearland, TX

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