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Rue*Loveable Girl

American Staffordshire Terrier

4 years, 1 month
Medium  |  Female

Rustburg, VA


Update #1 Rue had her necessary surgery and is on the path for recovering. She can be adopted locally after rehab and check ups.
Dog verses car never ends well for the dog. In this case it landed the owners with the kind of financial blow that euthanasia would be the only kind option. Her hip is fractured and front leg badly broken. Our friends at rustburg vet clinic called us to see if we were financially in a place to take this case on. The truth is that our rainy day fund is stretched thin to say the least. However I am a person of great faith. Faith that the universe will protect its weak and wary. Faith in you.
It's sad that her breed factors into my shouldn't. But the fact is that I have done this long enough to know that in the eyes of MUCH of the world, dogs like Rue....pit bulls....don't deserve the effort of being saved. My heart, however, tells me this community knows better. That our faithful followers will not only see past all the hateful breed discrimination, but even more, that you will embrace this loving soul...fight for her....hope and pray for her....give to save her. Now is the time. Pitty lovers unite!!!!!!!

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The foster family and Humane Society staff will choose the new home based on the best fit for the dog.

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Rustburg, VA

(434) 821-3034

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