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9 years, 2 months
Medium  |  Male

Elizabethtown, PA

All of our dogs are in foster homes and we have no paid staff. If you have questions concerning a specific dog, PLEASE fill out an application and the foster parent will be in touch. We will not arrange any home visits with any of our dogs until your application is processed. Please understand our foster parents are precious to our 2nd Chance family; without them we cannot function, so we do our best to not burden them with multiple appointments. Our foster parents will choose their top 3 applications and arrange home visits with these applicants. The adopter will be chosen at that time. The process can take anywhere from a week to a month. We want to make sure our little furry ones are placed in their "forever home" and never have to go through a rehoming again!

Do you like to sleep late? (preferably with the covers over your head
?) Me, too!
Do you like to explore your neighborhood at a reasonable pace, stopping along the way to sniff for rabbits? Me, too!!
Do you enjoy just knowing there is another living being in the house with you without having to make useless small talk? Me, too!!!
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Me, too! We could have a beautiful relationship, you and me!
You say you want to know more about me? Where should I start...
It has been more than a year since my human died and his family left me at the scary place for orphan dogs. It was so loud and cold and smelled strange at that place. Then it got worse. I got really sick with something called heartworms. The medicine I had to take to get rid of the heartworms was pretty bad, too, but finally I started to get stronger, and was taken in a big truck full of orphans to somewhere called Pennsylvania. I slept the whole way here once I got out of that truck--did I mention I LOVE to go for rides??
Anyway, for the past few months, I have been living with two other dogs, two cats, and two big humans. (Little humans make me nervous.)
My heartworm disease or the treatment for it made my lungs not-so-good, so if I try to run around too much or run up the stairs, my breathing sometimes sounds wheezy. The doctor said my lungs will never get back to perfect, but as long as you and I just take our time walking and playing, I do okay.
I don't mind the cats--mostly I ignore them. If a cat starts to get too close, I might let out a growly grumble, but I don't chase them. And my foster-dog-brothers are pretty cool! When I am feeling really peppy, I will try to run around and play with the big white and black dog til he gets annoyed or I get too short of breath, and sometimes I go out to sniff around the yard for rabbits and squirrels!
My skin is itchy a lot, and the doctor says I have "allergies", but I don't know what I am allergic I have to take special medicine every day to help me not gnaw my coat off. My foster mom says she is making progress with my coat, but sometimes I still chew at my tail and my back. Maybe you chew your fingernails-- that might make you understand how hard it is NOT to gnaw!
I prefer to sleep either in your bed, or on the floor by your bed. I just like to be where you are! There is a crate here and I slept in it when I first got here, but I really don't like it--it reminds me of the orphanage. I do my very, very best not to pee in the house, but sometimes when I am taking prednisone for my itching, I may have an accident if you are gone a very long time. Those steroids make you do things you would never do otherwise, so please don't get angry with me if that happens. As long as you pay attention and take me outside when I start to pace or scratch at the door, we should do great!
So what do you think? Want to sleep in and go for long walks after we get up and eat? Me, too!!

Click here - Please fill out an adoption application.
Please understand we do not adopt out to families with children under the age of 5. We do not adopt to renters. Some dogs will have fence requirements while others may not.

A dog is a lifetime commitment. The dogs in our system find themselves there, for the most part, because their humans did not have the same loyalty to them as they did to their owners :( We do not take the adoption process lightly, and will do everything in our power to make sure the dog is placed correctly the first time around for your sake and theirs. Thank you for choosing to adopt not shop!

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Elizabethtown, PA

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