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Pit Bull Terrier

Medium  |  Female

Saint Louis, MO

Hi I'm Ruth and I would like to tell you a little about myself.

First, let's talk about what I love:
1. PEOPLE! All kinds of people. Men, women, children, babies (I like to lick their toes), I love them all! When I see them, my tail wags. It wags so much that the wiggle moves up my backside all the way to my front. Wiggling isn't enough to show you that I love you, even if we just met; I also need to lick and kiss you.
2. Rope toys. Tossing them, tugging them, ripping them apart. I love them!
3. Walks. I'm lucky in that my foster mom usually takes me twice a day. I am so smart that walking helps me explore to my hearts desires. Sometimes I get excited when I see other people and other dogs on walks. I am still working on patience for letting them pass by without jumping around and trying to get their attention!
4. Riding in the car! Ok. I might not LOVE it, but I am an awesome car companion. I don't bark, whine or try to crawl in your lap. I enjoy the scenery and sometimes nap if it's been a long day.
5. CUDDLING! You love movies? Me too! You love reading? Me too! You like lying in bed on a Sunday morning? Me too! I love to be snuggled.

Now let's talk about what I am learning:
1. How to be friends with other dogs. I have meet both big and little dogs. I don't know other dogs' languages much so I don't know when they don't want me around or don't want me to play. I am friends with my neighbor, BroBro, who is also a pitbull. He doesn't know dog language well either so we are perfect together since all we want to do is play. While I am learning to get along with other dogs, I would rather be the only pet at home. I like my space, my toys, and my family.
2. How to use my smarts. Foster mom says I am very smart. I can find hidden food, treats and toys no matter where they are. I have mastered "sit" and "off" (furniture...I still like people so much that I sometimes forget not to jump up and kiss them!). I have "lay down", "come", and "stay" conquered about 90%. Other words I am learning: "find it" (when looking for hidden objects), "leave it", and "paw".

What else can I tell you about myself? Well, I am house trained and crate trained. I don't chew on anything that isn't mine or beg for food. And while my foster mom thinks I am an absolute doll to have around, she knows I deserve the best home around!

Want to see Ruth in action? Check this out:

If you're interested in adopting Ruth, please visit our website to learn about our adoption process and to fill out an application, here. All of our dogs will be micro-chipped, spayed or neutered, and up-to-date on vaccinations at the time of adoption.

For more photos of Ruth, follow us on Facebook Gateway Pet Guardians and Instagram @gatewaypets ... #gpgRuth.

To view other adoptable pets from our shelter, please visit,!.

Gateway Pet Guardians is proud to offer a variety of mixed breed dogs available for adoption. However, please keep in mind that we rarely know the genetic background of the animals we rescue and, as such, we cannot guarantee the exact breed combinations found within this dog. Further, because "pit bull terrier type dog" is not a breed we can list and because this dog has a blocky head and other characteristics that make the public perceive him/her as a pit bull, we are listing him/her as a pit bull mix. However, we do not know his/her actual genetic makeup. Just know that this dog is probably a variety of several different breeds that have combined to create one very amazing and unique animal.

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Saint Louis, MO

(314) 664-7398

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