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Domestic Short Hair

Medium  |  Female

Liverpool, NY

Please contact Linda (, (315) 457-4420 for more information about this pet.

Sarah Snuggles!

Sarah Snuggles! Sarah is a solid black domestic short hair cat. Sarah was probably born in October 2004.
Sarah came to Kitty Corner just in time to give birth to five kittens, but an infection just after they were born made Sarah very sick, and four of the kittens passed away. After many weeks of healing and recovery, Sarah and her remaining kitten Granite were both healthy and ready to find homes of their own.

Sarah's paws are touch sensitive. She doesn't like having her paws touched, or her nails clipped. She walks normally, sits on her paws and curls up on your lap - it's just when others initiate the paw touching that she does not like it. There is no medical problem causing this, and it does not seem to be painful to her. She just doesn't like it. We feel it may be a 'left over memory' of the painful complications from her infection.

Other then this little quirk with her paws, Sarah has no special needs. Sarah's health is excellent now, and she has no medical problems.
Sarah is very friendly, right from the start. She likes and enjoys the company and attention of people. Sarah is a loving, cuddly cat who just wants to be on the laps of her favorite people. Sarah enjoys being petted and snuggling with her person.

Sarah tolerates other cats, but does not require their company. We feel that she may have a slight preference to be the only cat in the household, however she would get along with most other cats who weren't overly dominant or aggressive to her.
Sarah is patient and gentle and would be a purr-fect family pet. Do you have a place in your family for her?
Call Kitty Corner at 315-457-4420 or fill out our adoption application at to meet our adoptable cats and adopt a new member of your family.

Sarah tests negative for Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS, has been spayed/neutered, microchipped, and all shots are up to date.
Kitty Corner has a lifetime return policy. If your adopted cat needs to be rehomed at any time, just bring them back to us. We want to be sure that none of our cats is ever homeless again.
Thank you for looking at our cats!

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Liverpool, NY

(315) 457-4420

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