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8 years, 3 months

Pearland, TX


Shooter is a seven year old red standard male with a wanderlust that found him in the local area shelter. Tracking back his microchip, we discovered that Shooter had a colorful past with a family dating back 3 years where he was a youngster pup without a fenced yard and would spend his days roaming the countryside in rural farm country. He spent a lot of time being picked up by animal control and eventually the family was asked to relinquish ownership.
Shooter's second family owned a goat farm and again we can only imagine that he didn't have a fence to keep him at home because is is clear from his gait that he has suffered a broken pelvis in recent months that was allowed to heal on its own. Shooter doesn't seem to notice and gets along fine, but he is a little wobbly at times and is probably a lot slower than before the accident.
Shooter wound up in another local shelter a year later miles from where his second family lived. We have tried our best to find them but they moved to the Houston area, where he was found and left no forwarding address!
Shooter hasn't tried to leave once since he arrived in foster care - I think he kind of likes the structured life and his foster brothers and sisters! He gets two squares and lots of play time! Why would a guy want to leave? We hope the next time Shooter goes anywhere it will be home with the perfect family! That could be one with kids and other dogs, and just the right amount of space to explore, with a big fence of course! Shooter is the best guy ever and deserves so much more than he has had in his short life! If you are in need of a loyal and loving companion, this is your guy!
Shooter is happy in the back yard with his buddies and equally comfortable in his soft bed in the house! He is easy going, a bit laid back and starting to play with the other dogs in his home. Please consider this great standard when you are considering adding to your family!

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Pearland, TX

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