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Cane Corso Mastiff

2 years, 11 months
X-Large  |  Female

Belleville, MI


Sissy loves playing outside and is very curious of everything. She needs someone who will have time to work with her on building her confidence. Sissy is not recommended for a home with children under 12 and will require a fully fenced yard.
Experience needed with fearfully shy dogs. Sissy needs confidence building, continued obedience work and someone that will not validate her sad weaknesses, she needs to be built up.
Poor young Sissy is in renal failure and requires additional care and medication. please email for additional information on her status.
Sissy may require eye drops daily as a result of the eye surgery she had:
Entropion is the inward curling of the eyelid so that the lashes scratch the cornea and cause irritation and eventual scarring and ulceration. It occurs when the eyeball is too small for the socket and the lids roll in toward the eye. Surgery is required to correct the lid and save the cornea from scarring.

**Before meeting any Buster dog an application must be completed.

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Belleville, MI

(734) 252-8009

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