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Australian Shepherd

Medium  |  Female

Libertyville, IL

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This is ten-year-old Star. Star came to us as a eight-month-old feral puppy who had been dumped in the woods of Robbins, Illinois. She was the last one trapped, only because she wouldn't leave her dead brother, who died of parvo in front of her. She was the only survivor of five puppies, all who succumbed to parvo.
Since then Star lived with AEAR's founder and her family. It took a long time to gain Star's trust and over time she imprinted on her. She was Star's everything. Sadly, she acted aggressively towards my son and husband. She was also short tempered with the other dogs and she was cat aggressive.
After two years of managing Star's behavior a woman came along to adopt her. It wasn't the ideal home but I knew Star would be cared for. Sadly, the woman was very sick and Star spent months at a time, for three years, at a kennel. She never bonded to the woman at all.
The first year the woman had her Star escaped the backyard and no no one could catch her. They called me to help but I hadn't seen Star in 12 months. By the time I got there Star has gone back to the house and was inside. No one could get near her. I sat on the floor and called her name and she crawled into my lap. It broke my heart, but what was I to do?
Then her owner got sick and was put in the hospital shortly afterwards and I was called because no one could touch the dog. I came over and got Star and she came home with me and acclimated as if she had never left. I spoke to the owner who clearly wanted me to keep boarding her. I told her I was not a boarding facility. But I begged her to let me have Star back and said that "she never bonded to you and you need to do what is best for Star."
She said that she "needed Star."
It broke my heart when I had to return her. For two years when I thought of Star my heart just broke. I felt like she was my biggest regret. Biggest regret for who I adopted her out to. I just knew she was so very alone and that had to have been horrible for her. It was my first experience (and only to date) where a dog literally imprinted on me, never gaining relationships with anyone else.
Year three I learned that the owner was very sick and might not make it. Star had been living at a kennel for ten months. Finally, after the owner spoke to her pastor about it, her pastor being a big animal lover and knowing the story convinced the woman to relinquish Star back to me.
Star was delivered to me at Petco after an adoption event. She went bonkers when she saw me. The neighbor of the woman who adopted her (and a new volunteer) brought her and knew Star with the previous owner. She had never seen Star like that, so happy, ever.
All Star's behaviors are back...both good and bad. She adores me. She is leery of my husband and my kids. I put her away when necessary. She's gotten into it with quite a few dogs but I manage.
There is either a place for Star with someone who she is meant to be with or she'll be with me and I'll manage. I have a routine down and it's not dangerous.
Star has so many good qualities. She's super smart and learns quickly...has to have the herding breeds in her. She is very obedient to me and a great watch dog. She's housebroken and isn't destructive. She gets along with some of my dogs. I keep the cats away.
So, we'll see how it plays out. I have learned a lot from Star and I feel very bonded and responsible for her.
I know it's going to be hard to place her but who knows...maybe her family is out there for her somewhere...and when the time is right, she'll know it and so will I.
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All our animals available for adoption are living in foster homes. This gives us the ability to really get to know the animals we have available and find them families that are a good fit for them based on their personalities. We do not have a shelter to visit the animals.
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Libertyville, IL

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